Easy2Swallow launches vitamins, supplements

Easy2Swallow launches vitamins, supplements

Easy2Swallow, LLC launches a line of vitamins and dietary supplements that are up to 70% smaller in size, covered in a natural coating and are easy to swallow.

Easy2Swallow, LLC, a new company based in the Chicago area, opened for business recently with a line of vitamins and dietary supplements that are intelligently designed, up to 70% smaller in size and covered in a natural coating. The result is vitamins that are easy to swallow. The products are available via a new website, www.easy2swallowvitamins.com, and are shipped same-day in most cases from the company's distribution center in the Lake Barrington Business Park.

"Not only do we offer competitively priced products that address a range of different needs and users, but taking vitamins just got easier," said Rick Hardy, president and founder. "The current vitamin and supplement marketplace offers typically large-sized tablets and capsules for consumers to take. We believe taking vitamins should be easy so we started a company with vitamins and supplements that are easier to swallow."

The company's website allows shoppers to select from an array of products for General Health, Memory & Mood Support, Bone & Joint Health, Living with Cancer and Reproductive & Prenatal Health, including:

  • calcium with vitamin D3
  • vitamin C
  • Omega-3 oils
  • men's multi-vitamin
  • women's multi-vitamin
  • prenatal vitamins
  • glucosamine
  • melatonin
  • flush-free niacin
  • folic acid
  • co-enzyme Q-10

Easy2Swallow is the first company dedicated to making a line of easy-to-swallow, American-made vitamins and supplement products. The products are available to anyone who wants to take vitamins, and are specially designed to be easier to swallow for people who have difficulty taking traditional vitamins and supplements. Easy2Swallow products are sized differently than conventional supplements in that tablets and capsules are 40% to 70% smaller in size than comparable products.

All Easy2Swallow products are at least 40 percent smaller and easier to take. Products are packaged in individual recyclable bottles containing a month's supply based on recommended daily allowance (RDA).

Dysphasia, or difficulty swallowing, affects about 40 percent of adults and can be attributed to a variety of esophageal structural and health issues. Some individuals naturally have smaller and narrower esophagi or are born with congenital defects such as cleft palates. Others struggle with digestive health conditions like Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)—a condition where excessive amounts of stomach acid flow backward into the esophagus causing injury. GERD can also occur temporarily in women who are in late-stage pregnancy. Cancer patients also may experience swallowing problems resulting from side effects from treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation, which can inflame the esophagus.

Taking Horse Pills Difficult for Many

While the number of individuals with swallowing difficulties is significant, so is the number of people that take vitamins. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) reports that more than half (52 percent) of American adults use some sort of dietary supplement with the multi-vitamin being the most commonly used, followed by vitamin E, vitamin C and calcium.

Today's most popular multi-vitamins weigh 1,000 mg. to 1,500 mg.—about the size of a kidney bean—and lend support for the oft-used moniker "horse pills." At this size, vitamins can be more difficult to swallow for many individuals.

An Idea Born from Personal Experience

Easy2Swallow Vitamins originated from Hardy's personal experiences; he has always had difficulty swallowing pills due to his dysphasia. The true catalyst for the company's start came, however, when Rick's wife, Lindsay, underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cancer.

Upon her diagnosis Lindsay immediately purchased a full complement of vitamin and supplement products. Not only were her pills large and difficult to swallow, her aggressive cancer treatments soon made taking vitamins even more difficult. The Hardy's knew that Lindsay's story was a common one. They decided to do something about it. So Easy2Swallow Vitamins was born.

About Easy2Swallow Vitamins

Easy2Swallow, LLC is a family-owned and -operated business based in suburban Chicago that is dedicated to making quality vitamins and supplements in preparations that are easier to swallow. All products are Made in America and the company stands behind its products with a money-back guarantee. The company launched with a line of 11 different products with more planned for release in the future. To learn more, go to www.easy2swallowvitamins.com.

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