Eco Lips CEO Steve Shriver "Passes the Baton" To Mark Patterson To Further the Mission of Eco Lips

Steve Shriver, Founder and CEO of Eco Lips, announced today that he has accepted a position with Frontier Natural Products as the Division Vice President of Aura Cacia, a line of aromatherapy products located in Urbana, Iowa. Steve’s entrepreneurial experience in growing companies and his expertise in brand development make him the ideal candidate to lead Aura Cacia to greater success.

Steve remains the primary stockholder and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Eco Lips, Inc. which he founded 6 years ago. Steve will continue to be active in the strategic direction of both the Eco Lips brand and the company, although his skillful team, some who have been working with him for more than a decade, will continue with daily operations.

According to Steve, Frontier Natural Products and Eco Lips have partnered on promotional projects in the past for the benefit of both brands. “My new position will allow me to share my expertise with my long-time friends and associates at Frontier and Aura Cacia,” says Steve. “It’s a perfect fit!” Like a proud father, he adds, “Eco Lips can now speak for itself. In fact, this is the purpose of brand development. Ultimately, the brand must exceed the personality of its founder.”

Effective September 22, Mark Patterson, the current VP of Sales for the company, will assume the role of CEO. Mark has been part of the Eco Lips Team for 3 years and, like Steve, is a green activist and solo sports enthusiast that is very passionate about health and the environment. Steve notes, “I am passing the CEO baton to Mark, a trusted partner within the business that holds my original vision and mission and is qualified and capable of taking Eco Lips to a greater power position within our targeted channels of distribution.”

Gearing up for the challenge, Mark comments, “I am excited to continue Steve’s legacy and not only fulfill our shared goals but make the organic lifestyle a reality for all consumers in this country. Steve and I will continue to plan for the growth of this company together.”

Eco Lips manufactures the highest quality organic lip care products on the planet. With a mission of satisfying the needs of every customer, Eco Lips is making its way around the world, one set of lips at a time. The company initiated Iowa’s largest solar power project which is powering the neighborhood in which Eco Lips is located. Eco Lips sponsors Team Eco Lips, a high-powered group of athletes competing in various sports and donates 1% of its profits to non-profit environmental initiatives. Eco Lips is a member of the Organic Trade Association and Coop America. Products are available at health food stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, outdoor stores and other retail outlets. Don’t panic, it’s organic! For information, see or call 866.326.5477.

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