Ecobaby Organics Gives Birth to New Organic Clothing

Offering Healthier Choices For Parents And Their Children.

San Diego, CA - Babies and children are the future stewards of the earth. That's why Ecobaby Organics, Inc., the largest retailer and manufacturer of organic products for parents and their children, is pleased to help give them a healthy start with a new line of top-quality and certified organic cotton clothing. Since 1993, Ecobaby Organics has made comfortable, affordable and stylish organic clothing using the most environment-sustaining materials and methods.

There's nothing quite so soft as a baby's skin and nothing quite as delicate either. Infant skin is extremely sensitive to synthetic chemicals. Since it is highly absorbent, anything put on it can enter the body, a developing system that's more susceptible to toxins than an adult's.
Ecobaby Organics is proud to offer the "purest" cotton clothing for delicate baby skin. Their incredibly soft baby caps, socks and booties keep a precious newborn safe and warm from head to the tips of their tiny toes. To provide them with safe and sweet dreams, Ecobaby offers new organic cotton footies and bodysuit "creepers".

The new baby collection also includes bibs, gowns, pajamas, dresses and jumpsuits. Designed for babies of all sizes and available in a variety of colors and fresh new patterns using low-impact dyes, babies will drool all over Ecobaby's new organic cotton clothing.

Ecobaby's new organic cotton clothing collection for children consists of jumpsuits, gowns, socks, sweat suits, cardigan sets, dresses, underwear, robes and pajamas. The zip crotch jumpsuits feature a zipper for easy changing and extendable cuffs for longer wear.

All of Ecobaby's organic cotton clothing retails from $5.00 - $30.00. Although Ecobaby's prices are quite affordable, they are still designed to last. "If you are going to spend more on organic fabrics, they should last longer and feature basic styles that grow with the kids and don’t go out of style," says Ginny Caldwell, Ecobaby's founder.

Ecobaby was born shortly after Ginny's first child in 1993, when she could not find natural and organic products to support the chemical-free and healthy lifestyle she sought for her growing family. "Our kids are being exposed to a lot of chemicals and substances that they shouldn't be," says Caldwell. "Asthma has skyrocketed in the past 10 years," adds Caldwell who believes children's disorders have increased due to the abundance of chemicals in our environment.

All of Ecobaby Organic's clothing is made in India by family owned co-ops. "Unfortunately, it is too expensive to grow organic cotton in the U.S.," says Caldwell. "Not only are the prices better overseas, the quality is too," she adds. Caldwell goes to great lengths to ensure that all of her products are as pure as possible and have not been exposed to harmful chemicals. This is accomplished through rigorous testing carried out by the Indian suppliers.

What started out as a small catalog business from Caldwell's garage has become a successful worldwide enterprise. She has hired employees and opened a warehouse facility to provide parents with chemical-free and healthier options for their families.

Why Organic? Buying clothing made from environment-sustaining methods and materials is the best way to reduce threats posed by pesticides and chemicals used in the conventional clothing industry. Although it uses only 2% of the farmland worldwide, cotton consumes 10% of the world's pesticides and 25% of all insecticides. Sprayed from the air, these highly toxic substances drift over farmhouses, water sources, and workers. During processing of conventional cotton, toxic finishing chemicals are often used for bleaching, anti-static, dyeing, anti-wrinkling, stain resistance and microbial protection.

In addition to the new organic cotton clothing collection, Ecobaby also offers an assortment of new organic cotton bedding and diapers. For a complete catalog and information about all of Ecobaby Organic's products, please visit or call 800-ECOBABY.

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