Ecobaby Organics To Unveil New Venture at Green Festival in San Francisco

El Cajon, California (October 20, 2003) Ecobaby Organics, Inc. will be unveiling its new venture, Pure-RestTM, at the Green Festival in San Francisco on November 8-9, 2003. The two sister companies will be located at booths 547 - 548 directly across from the Natural Home Pavilion. After many customer requests for high quality adult bedding, Pure-RestTM was created to fill this need - the company offers a luxurious line of bedding using organic cotton and environmental dyes in everything from sheets to pillows to comforters. In addition, Pure-RestTM is showcasing its brand new line of towels from Turkey made with 550-gram organic cotton in seven beautiful colors. "In order to celebrate our new company," says Ginny Caldwell, President and Founder, "we are offering incredible prices on the entire Ecobaby line of goods- 20 to 50% off retail. This will be a gala celebration!"

Pure-Rest, while touting its luxurious linen and towel collections, is truly committed to health and purity as well as environmental issues. According to Ginny, "Most bedding is treated with a wide variety of chemicals for wrinkle-resistance, shrinking, easy care, etc. What many folks don't realize is that these chemicals such as formaldehyde combine with the fiber in a way that makes their removal impossible and thus create the risk of being absorbed into the body through the lungs." Formaldehyde has been associated with headaches, fatigue, respiratory problems, sleep problems and a lowered immune response in some people. Pure-RestTM sheets and pillowcases are finished using only natural vegetarian products. In addition, all fabric whitening is done through a non-chlorine process. "To grow and process conventional cotton takes an enormous toll on the environment and our company feels that this is unacceptable," says Ginny. Because of this, the company uses only certified organic cotton that is grown without the use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides and defoliants that can harm ecosystems. Pure-RestTM low impact dyes are metal free and its whitening process does not produce dioxin, a well-known environmental pollutant. Harmful and toxic chemicals are not used in the finishing process.

Now in its 11th year, Ecobaby Organics is the largest manufacturer and retailer of organic and environmental products for children and their parents. The company offers organic cotton clothing, diapers, bedding, toys, mattresses, body care and baby accessories for the health-minded, conscious family. For more information about Ecobaby Organics and Pure-Rest, please call 800.596.7450 or log on to and


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