EcoNugenics Appoints David W. Guinther President and CEO

Santa Rosa, CA – October 11, 2007 – EcoNugenics, an integrative health and dietary supplement company, announced today that they have named David W. Guinther as President and CEO of the company. Mr. Guinther has established a reputation for designing effective business models and building high-performance sales, marketing and services operations. In addition to executive positions at billion dollar companies such as BEA Systems, Sybase and Harris, he has taken several early stage companies through periods of rapid growth, such as helping to take Poet Software through a $48 million IPO and then founding FastObjects which he took to a successful acquisition.

“EcoNugenics is very pleased that David Guinther has taken the reins as president and CEO,” said Isaac Eliaz, M.D., L.Ac., M.S. and founder of the company. “David’s combined entrepreneurial leadership and executive experience are essential for our next stage of growth and development. His highly focused, yet fast-paced management style is a perfect fit for meeting our goals and objectives in delivering effective health care options to people who prefer an integrative approach in medicine.”

“EcoNugenics is an electrifying company that is committed to quality and growth,” said Guinther. “I’m very excited to apply my skills and experience in taking the company to the next level. I envision that EcoNugenics will become a major player in the fast-paced nutraceuticals industry. It has all the factors necessary for success.”

EcoNugenics was founded in 1995 with a commitment to offering premium dietary supplements and nutraceuticals based on the best of modern science integrated with the ancient wisdom of traditional and complementary therapies. The company is dedicated to five basic principles, which include innovation in product formulation, thorough scientific research, ongoing clinical validation, customer education, empowerment and superior quality control. For more information visit Media Contact: Connie St John, The St. John Group, 415-454-2243.

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