Editorial: Industry How To - Who Knows the Answers?

By Len Monheit
[email protected]
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With much of the East Coast shut down or dealing with power outages or shortages, (ourselves included) it’s been a difficult past twenty hours.

In recapping the past week, several industry press releases deal with the proposed GMP’s (USP, CRN) and Sabinsa responds to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) release about a Guggulipid study examining the guggul extract’s effects on cholesterol. We’ve summarized the electronic dialogue.

In my ‘low power state’ musings, I’ve gathered information based on the past several weeks of NPIcenter inquiries. Following are the most recent ‘Top 10’:

10. How do I find data, numbers and trends about the industry?

9. Will FDA or FTC really enforce the rules?

8. How have the industry’s recent events been including NNFA Marketplace 2003, IFT and Newport summit? What does this mean for the future of companies within the industry?

7. How can I tell how many viewers my website gets and where they’re coming from?

6. How much does it really cost to conduct a clinical trial?

5. Which companies might be for sale? Which technologies?

4. What do you need to do to introduce a product?

3. How do I locate distributors for my product(s)?

2. Who knows how to help me with regulatory issues?

1. How do I know which shows I need to participate in?

Those within the industry probably know some, if not all of the answers or have experience to make a good guess. The fact that NPIcenter keeps getting these and similar inquiries indicates outside interest is still there, whether it’s from the financial community or those with innovative ideas and products seeking to make their mark. Some will even be successful whatever the regulatory environment and that assures at least some industry sustainability in the time to come.

If you too are seeking answers or ideas dealing with any of these issues, then NPIcenter and the people who contribute or who we’re in contact with on a weekly and often daily basis may be able to help.

Join the community!

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