Editorial: Success on the Wings of Innovation

By Len Monheit

When my colleagues and I first started in this industry as Nutrachoice.com several years ago, we observed a fragmented industry wrestling with issues such as product development and introduction, differentiation, industry legitimacy and credibility, and overall, a challenging environment to keep ahead of intense competition. The eight-plus year later snapshot shows a different picture – but with the much the same composition.

What has changed is the size of the market (representing a bigger opportunity), the global picture and environment (among other things, the emergence of India and China as contributors on the global stage), the fact that there are now supplement and natural health product specific regulations to enforce, and the proliferation of standards, certifications and seals as companies wrestle with portraying quality.

Among those things that have not changed is the imperative to innovate to stay ahead in a crowded marketplace. We recognized this in our early days, and in fact, one of the earliest NPIcenter constructs used technology to bring together those with innovative technologies, science and applications, with those that might use them to stay on top. Realizing that communication paradigms have changed somewhat (Internet, email, webcasts), it is interesting to note that the reliance on in-person events has not dwindled, hence the ongoing success of Expo West and SupplyExpo.

With this as a backdrop, NPIcenter has maintained its interest in connecting the ‘offerers’ with those in need. For the past several years, we’ve produced and promoted the NPI ‘EXCHANGE’ at SupplyExpo, with scheduled presentations of interesting technologies, applications, concepts and emerging differentiating science. It is with great pleasure therefore that I present our current slate of opportunities being presented in the Global Supply Marketplace, Hall A, Booth 470 at this year’s SupplyExpo. We’re still rounding things out but here is where things stand now. We hope to see you there.

Friday, March 14th at 12 PM

“Rethinking the Immune Health Paradigm … Beyond Cold & Flu”

Presented by: Cheryl Sturm, Director, Marketing

Embria Health Sciences, LLC

New market data uncovers some interesting trends in the emerging needs of health-conscious consumers, particularly as they relate to immune health. Learn how you can turn this traditionally seasonal product category into a year-round opportunity with an innovative ingredient called EpiCor. Hear about new science supporting EpiCor’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which presents new revenue-generating potential for manufacturers and retailers.

Friday March 14th at 2:00 pm

"New Innovative Technology for Fortifying Foods as vehicles for Omega 3 Fatty acids"

Presented by: David Norrie, Speirs Nutritional

This talk will review the types of foods that have been fortified with Omega 3 to date and why you would want to do so. It will highlight the advantages of liquid emulsions for achieving high addition levels of omega 3 and how food marketers might raise awareness of the health benefits of these products in the general public?

David Norrie is the Business Development Manager for Speirs Nutritionals a New Zealand based food company. Speirs Nutritionals is a joint venture with MasseyUniversity's Riddet Institute. David has held marketing roles at Penford Starch and Fonterra's Health and Nutrition group where he was responsible for the introduction of health ingredients into both mainstream and infant foods

Friday March 14th at 4:00 pm

Absolute Essential

Dr Bo Hendgen D.O. N.D. A.M

Absolute Essential Ltd is a company focusing on restoring nature's balance with a selection of high quality products

which are a 100% Natural Solution. Our raw materials are sourced directly from fair trade & largely organic sources. All

our products are designed by qualified therapists. We offer a selection of Essential Skincare & Rejuvenation Solutions,

Essential Remedies for Health & Wellbeing including stress & sleep management & a selection of products for Essential

Mother, Baby & Childcare.

Dr Bo Hendgen D.O. N.D. A.M European born, is a qualified Osteopath/ Naturopath & Aromatic Medicine practitioner

including post graduate degrees. Her work promotes better health education & lifestyle choices. She has been working with

patients for over 15 years, as well as teach, research, design & create natural healthcare products.

Bo speaks on natural healthcare issues regularly on behalf of Absolute Essential through the mediums of print, radio &

television. With an enthusiasm for the holistic health and wellness sector, Bo created Absolute Essential Ltd 1988, a New

Zealand company, which is committed to the environmentally conscious national ethos. Its pure well-researched natural

formulations have helped many people live a balanced healthy lifestyle throughout the world.

Bo’s presentation will outline
- the challenges of sourcing good quality natural raw materials, what to look out for.
- the pitfalls of poorly selected ingredients, what not to use
- the importance of researching the labels & company’s efficacy when undertaking distribution of a new line.

Saturday March 15th at 2:00 pm

“40% GLA Safflower Oil – A Biotech Breakthrough”

Presented by Arcadia Biosciences

This presentation will provide an overview of the development of a safflower oil with 40+% GLA (gamma linolenic acid) content and its advantages in consumer efficiency, cost and availability relative to the traditional GLA sources.

Arcadia will also discuss established GLA science and applications with focus the most current therapeutic information and further address the need for more constructive media exposure about omega-6 oils.

Saturday March 15th at 4:00 pm

“Newly Available Vitamin K2 Natural Vitamin K2 as Menaquinone-7 (MK-7) is the supplemental choice for Bone Health and especially for Heart Health”

Presented by: Eric Anderson, PL Thomas & Co., Inc.

Learn about the latest research for Vitamin K2 as Menaquinone-7 (Mk-7) with demonstrated benefits for bone health and cardiovascular health. Newly available Vitamin K2 as MK-7 is ideal for dietary supplements and food enrichment.

Western diets typically provide enough vitamin K for the body’s needs for coagulation. However, in healthy individuals, substantial fractions of the K-dependent proteins necessary for bone and heart health are not fully activated, indicating subclinical vitamin K deficiency.

Newly recognized vitamin K2 is credited with the role of activating the vitamin K dependent proteins osteocalcin to utilize calcium in the bones, and Matrix GLA-protein, the most potent inhibitor of vascular calcification known. Clinical research has demonstrated significant protection of bone strength with vitamin K2 consumption, and two large, ten year studies revealed that increased dietary intake of specifically natural vitamin K2 significantly reduced the risk of Coronary Heart Disease Mortality by 50% as compared to low dietary K2 intake. In these studies, Vitamin K1 had no effect at all.

What is the best source of supplemental vitamin K? Vitamin K2 as menaquinone 7 is the most bioavailable, bio-active and longest lasting form of vitamin K. MK-7 is safe and effective at doses within current RDI’s, recommended at 45mcg daily.

Sunday, March 16th at 2 PM

"Innovative Ideas for Cosmeceutical Formulation"

Presented by: Ryungza Fletcher, Toyo Bio-Pharma

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