EFSA approves new vitamins and minerals for foods and supplements

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has issued favourable scientific opinions on calcium malate, magnesium malate, zinc malate, and magnesium potassium citrate for use in foods for particular nutritional uses, food supplements and foods intended for the general population.

UK Food Standards Authority (FSA) toxicologists said they agreed with the EFSA opinions and were seeking input from industry and other stakeholders on the addition of a number of vitamin and mineral substances to the Annexes to the Food Supplements Directive (FSD).

The FSA said it expected the European Commission to shortly make proposals for an amendment of the FSD to allow the inclusion of these substances and make them available in all 27 Member States.

In its opinion on the safety and bioavailability of "particular sources of calcium, magnesium and zinc, calcium, magnesium and zinc malates", EFSA stated: "…the use of malates as sources for calcium, magnesium and zinc in food supplements and as source of calcium in foods for particular nutritional uses and foods intended for the general population is of no safety concern."

It did add that only L-malates should be used in foods for infants and young children.

EFSA said magnesium potassium citrate presented no safety concern in the same categories and noted commercialised magnesium potassium citrate "should comply with the specifications for citric acid and its salts used as food additives."

Stakeholders can send their comments to: [email protected]
More information on the EFSA scientific assessments of the nutrients can be found at the following links:

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