EFSA scientific conference taking registrations

EFSA scientific conference taking registrations

HIgh-level scientific conference will cover risk-assessment methods in the areas of plant health, genetically modified organisms, additives and contaminants in the food chain among other realms.

Time and place
7th – 8th November 2012
Auditorium Paganini, Parma, Italy

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) will hold a high-level scientific conference in November with the aim of fostering and furthering science in the area of risk assessment. The conference, which takes place during EFSA’s 10th anniversary year, will bring together scientists from different disciplines to discuss the latest developments in risk assessment and risk assessment methodologies. It also extends EFSA’s commitment to providing continuous learning and training activities for its Panel members, staff and the wider scientific community.

The conference will:

  • Stimulate multidisciplinary debate among scientists working in different scientific areas
  • Take stock of what has been learnt over the past 10 years and outline directions for risk assessment approaches in the future
  • Address the key challenges and opportunities for harmonisation in risk assessment across different scientific domains

Presentations during the conference will cover methods of risk assessment, reports on data collected and risk assessments in the individual areas of: plant health; plant protection products and their residues; genetically modified organisms; additives and products or substances used in animal feed; animal health; biological hazards; contaminants in the food chain; food contact materials, enzymes, flavourings and processing aids; food additives and nutrient sources added to food; and nutrition.

Structure of the conference
In addition to the scientific lectures, the conference will provide opportunity for an exchange of expert opinions and scientific debate. On 7 November, there will be a morning plenary session with introductory keynote speeches followed by five parallel sessions in the afternoon to enable interaction with the speakers. The sessions will focus on:

  • Identifying and characterizing hazards
  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Dietary exposure in risk assessment
  • Risk characterization
  • Efficacy assessment in food and feed

On the morning of 8 November, the main comments and findings from the previous day’s parallel sessions will be brought to a final plenary session.

Who should attend?
EFSA is pleased to welcome to its conference all scientists and researchers with an interest in the risk assessment of food and feed, particularly those with experience in the abovementioned scientific areas (see under Background). EFSA panel members and scientific staff will also attend.

How to register
To be considered for participation, interested experts are kindly requested to register at:

Participants will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis up to the maximum room capacity (approx 700). Please note that registration may be closed once the maximum number of participants is reached or at the latest on 14 September 2012.

Applicants will be informed as soon as possible after closure of registration as to whether they have been selected for participation. Selected participants will be asked to make their own travel arrangements at their own expense. Please note there is no fee for participation.

Dates and venue
The conference will be held in the Auditorium Paganini, Parma, Italy. The meeting will start at 09:00 on 7 November and will end at 13:30 on 8 November 2012. Further details on the venue and logistics will be communicated to participants upon confirmation of selection.


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