EHPM elects new chair

EHPM elects new chair

Keith Legge has extensive experience working on legislation in food supplements, foods and cosmetics and has represented EHPM on the UK Council for Responsible Nutrition's board for three years.

The European Federation of Associations of Health Product Manufacturers (EHPM) last week welcomed Keith Legge to serve as its new chairman. 

Legge, who has extensive experience of working on legislation in food supplements, foods and cosmetics across the European region, was elected on 25 April at the organisation’s Annual General Meeting in Paris. He has been an EHPM Board member representing the UK Council for Responsible Nutrition for the past three years. 

Over the last decade he has been particularly active in the technical, scientific and regulatory programmes of EHPM, such as the core work on the EHPM risk management model for setting maximum safe limits for vitamin and minerals and the EHPM Quality Guide.

“I am excited to take on the position of chair,” said Legge. “Over the years I have seen how effective the EHPM can be, and I am glad that I have been able to play a part in some of EHPMʼs many successes. I will continue to push forward its work on securing a sound future for food supplements across Europe.”

Legge outlined the organisation’s priority areas, which include the ongoing challenges on health claims; work to ensure that the development of legislation on technical issues enables companies to continue to manufacture products in the way that consumers need; and a process of sharing the positive developments in safety, quality and the benefits of food supplements and their role in regional diet and health policy.

“Through my experience in European cooperation and harmonisation, in the power of science in creating better regulation, and in seeing the essential role that national, regional and global trade associations can play in our sector, I will ensure that EHPM continues its work towards appropriate regulation under food law, which will enable the free movement of food supplement products across Europe,” Legge said.

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