elete donates electrolytes for Missouri victims

elete donates electrolytes for Missouri victims

elete electrolytes has shipped a product donation of its elete Electrolyte Add-In through Nourish America, a non-profit organization that provides nourishing foods and supplements to people in need in America.

As the people of Joplin, Missouri struggle to rebuild their lives and community following the devastating tornado that struck May 23, 2011, killing an estimated 139 individuals and resulting in millions of dollars of property damage, elete electrolytes™ has shipped a product donation of its elete Electrolyte Add-In™ through Nourish America, a non-profit organization that provides nourishing foods and supplements to people in need in America. Nourish America has established a disaster relief site just outside of Joplin in Seneca, MO.

elete donated its original elete Electrolyte Add-In formula, which is a pure electrolyte concentrate that can be used to make electrolyte water or a customized sports drink, in the following quantities:

·         35,000, 10 milliliter (mL) rip packs. These 10-mL rip packs are to be added to one gallon of drinking water and make electrolyte water with sports-drink levels of essential electrolytes including sodium, chloride, potassium, plus magnesium, which support hydration and heat tolerance

·         5,500, 6.45-mL rip packs. Each of these rip packs can be added to standard-size hydration packs

·         219, 8 oz. bottles for making large mixes of electrolyte water or drink

elete’s donation was shipped June 3, 2001. Further, United Parcel Service participated in the relief effort by generously waiving its shipping costs, which totaled close to $500.

“We are pleased to have the chance to demonstrate our care and concern for the people of Missouri through Nourish America,” said Val John Anderson, Executive Vice-President and Director of Sales and Marketing for elete. “Disaster clean up in the hardest hit areas will require hard work in hot, humid conditions, and we are pleased to keep these individuals hydrated and functioning in peak condition. elete electrolytes are compact, ship well, and deliver rapid, noticeable results. We at elete Electrolytes thank Nourish America for organizing this relief effort and distributing necessary supplies to the community. We also thank UPS for their generosity in shipping this donation free of charge.”

“In our experience, during a natural disaster, there are specific products that bring immediate relief to both first responders as well as disaster victims, elete Electrolytes is one of them. Electrolytes are one of the top items on our wish list when we initiate a disaster relief effort so this donation is both valued and appreciated. Many thanks to everyone at elete for helping us at Nourish America support the health and wellbeing of the families and workers at Joplin, MO as they heal and rebuild,” said Michael Morton, Executive Director of Nourish America.

elete Electrolyte Add-In was listed by Paul S. Auerbach, M.D., M.S., author of Medicine for the Outdoors and Past-President of the Wilderness Medical Society, as one of his top four items of medical equipment, which he used extensively as part of his assignment in Haiti for the International Medical Corps. A copy of his article, “A First Responder’s Top Four Items of Medical Equipment: Lessons from Haiti,” can be found at: http://getbetterhealth.com/a-first-responders-top-4-items-of-medical-equipment-lessons-from-haiti/2010.02.15

To learn more about elete, go to: www.eletewater.com.

About elete Electrolytes™

elete Electrolytes™ (www.eletewater.com), a division of Mineral Resources International, Inc., provides cutting-edge innovation in electrolyte replacement that meet the needs of athletes, workers, active individuals, and those who at risk for dehydration and electrolyte loss. Original elete Electrolyte Add-In™ was the world’s first versatile, field-tested electrolyte add-in specially designed to add electrolytes to any beverage or food to replace electrolytes, maintain fluid balance, sustain endurance, and support optimal muscle function. Original elete Electrolyte Add-In and CitriLyte Add-In contain no calories, sweeteners, flavorings, artificial ingredients and unnecessary ingredients that impede optimal performance. Because elete is an electrolyte add-in, it can be used to make pure electrolyte water that tastes like water. elete tablytes™ are a complete, balanced electrolyte replacement in tablet form. For more information, visit www.eletewater.com or call 800.669.1297.

About Nourish America

Nourish America is an award-winning 501(c) 3 organization that provides nutritional supplements and nourishing foods (including naturals and organics) to those in need in America. Over the last several years, Nourish America provided more than $5.3 million worth of nutritional products to over 200,000 Americans in need. It costs only ten cents a day to provide nourishment to someone in need through Nourish America. For four years in a row, Nourish America has received high ratings for its fiscal management from Charity Navigator, the nation's leading charity watchdog organization. Independent audits of Nourish America's finances show that over 94% of all donations go directly to programs and those served. Donations can be made online at http://www.nourishamerica.org/donate.html.

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