elete Electrolyte Add-In™ Contributes Product Donation to Floating Doctors

Mineral Resources International, Inc. (MRI), the manufacturer of elete Electrolyte Add-In™, the electrolyte concentrate that can be used
to add electrolytes to any food or beverage, announced today it is providing a product donation totally more than $5,000 to Floating Doctors, the world’s first globally-mobile, self-contained medical aid and research vessel that will travel to remote islands in the Pacific Ocean and communities in Central America administering free medical care and supplies.

Scope of Donation
elete has donated 2,400 rip packs of elete Electrolyte Add-In that can be mixed with one gallon of water to make pure electrolyte water. In addition, elete is also providing several dozen pocket bottles of its pure electrolyte concentrate.

“A large number of people die every year from dehydration and/or electrolyte imbalance issues,” said Val Anderson, Executive Vice-President and Director of Sales and Marketing. “The study that was done on elete and published in the Journal of Wilderness and Environmental Medicine demonstrated that elete Electrolyte Add-In basically works as a water extender making available water significantly more effective at hydration, all while replacing important electrolytes that are lost through fluid loss. We applaud Floating Doctors in donating their expertise, time, and services to people who are truly in need, and we are happy to support them with free elete electrolyte add in to help in their treatments.”

About Floating Doctors
Floating Doctors will deliver healthcare to more than 20,000 people on the most isolated islands in the Pacific Ocean and coastal communities in Central America. They will distribute more than 5 tons of medical supplies and 25,000 information pamphlets teaching preventative healthcare practices.

Five men and women led by Dr. Ben La Brot will make the twelve-month voyage on the Southern Wind to each location arranging 10-day clinics onshore to treat people. Their sailboat, the Southern Wind, is 76-foot expedition sailboat outfitted for long offshore operations. Floating Doctors have two, 16-foot medical tents that will be set up onshore for 10 days at each location to conduct healthcare operations.

More than 20 million people live on remote islands in the Pacific Ocean and isolated coastal communities in Central America. Thousands of them are in desperate need of healthcare. Many of these communities are only accessible by boat (no airports). To learn more about Floating Doctors, go to: www.floatingdoctors.com.

For more information about elete, visit www.eletewater.com or call 800.669.1297.

About elete Pure Electrolyte Add-In™
elete Electrolyte Add-In™ (www.eletewater.com) is the latest cutting-edge innovation in electrolyte replacement. Elete Electrolye Add-In™ is the world’s first pure versatile electrolyte add-in specially designed to add electrolytes to any beverage or food to replace electrolytes, maintain fluid balance, sustain endurance, and help prevent occasional muscle cramps due to physical exertion. elete contains no calories, no sweeteners, no flavorings, no artificial ingredients, and no nasty stuff that can impede optimal performance. Because elete is a pure electrolyte add-in, it can be used to make pure electrolyte water that tastes like water. tablytes™, by elete, are a complete, balanced electrolyte replacement in tablet form. For more information, visit www.eletewater.com or call 800.669.1297.

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