elete launches CitriLyte Add-In electrolyte concentrate for drinks

elete launches CitriLyte Add-In electrolyte concentrate for drinks

elete electrolytes™announced the launch of elete CitriLyte Add-In™ to its line up.elete CitriLyte Add-Inis a patent-pending electrolyte concentrate formulated to help individuals stay hydrated, support muscle function, heat tolerance, energy conversion, and replace a complete balance of electrolytes lost in sweat and during exertion without calories, sugars, or artificial ingredients.

elete electrolytes™announced the launch of elete CitriLyte Add-In™ to its line up, which is available March 30, 2011. elete CitriLyte Add-Inis a patent-pending electrolyte concentrate formulated to help individuals stay hydrated, support muscle function, heat tolerance, energy conversion, and replace a complete balance of electrolytes lost in sweat and during exertion without calories, sugars, or artificial ingredients. It also contains zinc and citric acid, which participate in the Krebs cycle (also known as the Citric Acid cycle), for energy conversion. elete CitriLyte Add-In is more efficient than water alone, is less expensive, and requires less clean up than sports drinks.

“We are very excited to release the new elete CitriLyte Add-In as it is the culmination of a product development effort that has spanned more than seven years,” said Val John Anderson, Director of Sales and Marketing for elete. “Our plan was to introduce this product in late spring to a limited number of markets, but those who have already had a chance to try it have applied a sufficient amount of pressure for us to launch earlier than anticipated and across markets. It has been a very happy problem in that it has been difficult to keep samples of the product in stock. Even some people who have been avid supporters of the original elete Electrolyte Add-In and who didn't think that such a subtle difference as a very light, tart flavor would be a very big deal, have already come back to excitedly share that their usage has gone up significantly with the new CitriLyte Add-In.”

Pro cross country and endurance mountain bike racer Sarah Kaufmann, who also works for elete, has extensively field-tested elete CitriLyte Add-In the last six months in a number of conditions and settings ranging from the arid desert trails of Nevada to grueling pro cycling competitions where every second counts. “The refreshing taste of CitriLyte makes it palatable even when my digestion is struggling in the heat of competition,” stated Kaufmann. “I am thrilled to have something as effective as elete with a mild flavor.”

No Sugars, No Carbs, No Sticky Mess to Clean Up

elete CitriLyte Add-Incontains original elete Electrolyte-Add-In with the electrolytes sodium, potassium, magnesium and chloride with the added benefits of zinc and citric acid. In keeping, too, with the original formula, elete CitriLyte does not contain sugars, carbs, artificial colors or flavors. And like original elete Add-In, elete CitriLyte can be used worry-free in hydration packs, bottles, and coolers without staining or leaving a lingering color and flavor residue. elete CitriLyte will not leave a sticky, syrupy mess that requires soap-and-water clean-up after each use.  

High Quality Continues with elete CitriLyte

elete CitriLyte Add-In, like the original elete, does not contain any WADA-(World Anti-Doping Agency) banned substances and is made with low-sodium sea mineral concentrates that are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS). elete Electrolyte products are manufactured in a cGMP-certified facility, certified by NSF International, an independent, not-for-profit organization that certifies products and writes standards for food, water, and consumer goods.

Clean, Environmentally Green System

The elete electrolytes system provides the highest versatility and value for athletes all while being environmentally green.

elete’s empty pocket flask allows for individualized, as-needed dosing. “The debut of the empty pocket flask is going to really expand athletes’ options as they can now easily and quickly refill the pocket flask with their choice of either original elete ElectrolyteAdd-In or elete CitriLyte Add-In, which will provide them with a lot more versatility along with the same value they’ve come to expect from elete.”

Using the empty pocket flask and refilling it as needed with the larger, refill sizes of either add-in significantly reduces the amount of wasteful packaging that ends up on the trails and in the landfills, which makes it not only more environmentally green, but makes it more economically green—meaning it puts more money back in consumers’ pockets.   

“Both original elete Electrolyte Add-In and elete CitriLyte Add-In are electrolyte concentrates, which means consumers aren’t paying for a sports drink or electrolyte-replacement product that they’re going to drink once and then throw away. Even if an athlete just purchases the smallest refill bottle, the 2 oz., that little bottle makes 20, 8 oz. servings, which goes a long ways on the trail, road, court, and fairway.”

New elete CitriLyte Add-In  Product Line-Up:

elete CitriLyte Add-In is available in the following five sizes:

The refillable 24.6-ml empty pocket flask to retail at $1.50

A 2 oz. refill bottle that makes 20 servings (a serving is 8 oz./0.25 liters of water) or 5 gallons of electrolyte-fueled hydration, MSRP $7.50

           A 4 oz. refill bottle that makes 40 servings or 10 gallons, MSRP $12.50

           A 250 mL (8.3 oz) refill bottle that makes 83 servings or 20 gallons, MSRP $18.50

           A 32 oz. Team Size, which makes 320 servings or up to 80 gallons, MSRP $48.00

           A 1-gallon container that makes 1,280 servings or up to 320 gallons, MSRP $154. A 1 oz. measured pump (sold separately, MSRP $6) can also accompany the gallon jug, which makes it ideal for teams, trainers, and others to easily dispense electrolytes for large mixes of electrolyte water (2 pumps per 5 gallons) and to easily refill the empty pocket flasks.

To learn more about elete, go to: www.eletewater.com, or call 800.669.1297.

About elete Electrolytes™ 
elete Electrolytes, a division of Mineral Resources International, Inc.,  provides cutting-edge innovation in electrolyte replacement that meet the needs of athletes, workers, active individuals, and those who at risk for dehydration and electrolyte loss. Original elete Electrolye Add-In™ was the world’s first versatile, field-tested electrolyte add-in specially designed to add electrolytes to any beverage or food to replace electrolytes, maintain fluid balance, sustain endurance, and help prevent occasional muscle cramps due to physical exertion. Original eleteElectrolyte Add-In and CitriLyte Add-Incontain no calories, sweeteners, flavorings, artificial ingredients, and unnecessary ingredients that impede optimal performance. Because elete is an electrolyte add-in, it can be used to make pure electrolyte water that tastes like water. elete tablytesare a complete, balanced electrolyte replacement in tablet form. For more information, visit www.eletewater.com or call 800.669.1297.

elete CitriLyte Add-In

Nutrients for Hydration, Heat Tolerance, Muscle Function, and Energy Conversion

Product Description:

elete CitriLyte Add-In™is a liquid, electrolyte concentrate comprising four essential electrolytes—sodium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride—plus zinc and citric acid. elete CitriLyteis formulated to support hydration, muscle function, energy conversion and heat tolerance and be used before, during, and after physical exertion and/or heat stress. 

Nutrition Facts:

elete CitriLyte Add-Incontains original elete Electrolyte Add-Inwith the added benefits of zinc and citric acid, which participates in the Krebs energy cycle, a.k.a. the citric acid cycle, for energy conversion.

Electrolyte water made with elete contains sports-drink levels of electrolytes. Pure electrolyte water with elete CitriLytehas a hint of tart flavor, similar to a slice or wedge of lemon that makes tap water more palatable. When more CitriLyte, is added, the tart flavor increases to compensate for stronger mineral flavor.

Better tasting for those sensitive to mineral flavor or when mixed with tap water that has a noticeable flavor

Easier to mix by drop or squirt, no need for precise measuring

Patent-pending formula; extensive product and field testing with athletes

Provides an effective balance of the electrolytes lost due to physical exertion

Provides, magnesium, the team captain of electrolytes, important for muscle function and nerve impulse transmission.

No sugars, carbs, caffeine, artificial ingredients. Safe for diabetics and others with certain health conditions.

SKUs and MSRPs

The refillable, 24.6-ml empty pocket flask: $1.50

 2 oz. refill bottle, 20 servings/5 gallons of electrolyte-fueled hydration, $7.50

 4 oz., 40 servings/10 gallons: $12.50

 250 mL (8.3 oz), 83 servings/20 gallons: $18.50

 32 oz., 320 servings/80 gallons: $48.00

 1 gallon (128 oz.), 1,280 servings/320 gallons: $154 (measured pump sold

separately, MSRP $6

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