Emani Offers Vegan-Friendly Liquid Mineral Foundations for Skin Moisture

Emani Minerals, a green, organic cosmetics maker headquartered in Norco, CA, offers vegan-friendly Liquid Mineral Foundations that help to balance and maintain the moisture of the skin.

The Liquid Mineral Foundations are infused with a luxurious blend of hyaluronic acid, vitamin A, and jojoba oil that promotes increased moisture in the skin. Emani’s Liquid Mineral Foundations are entirely non-comedongenic and are ideal for dry or mature skin. Emani offers the following 12 Liquid Mineral Foundations that all are paraben-free, talc-free, gluten-free and vegan friendly:

§ Natural Beige

§ Crème Beige

§ Honey Beige

§ Oyster Beige

§ Bit of Beige

§ Deep Beige

§ Golden Suede

§ Golden Amber

§ Golden Tan

§ Warm Mocha

§ Warm Cocoa

§ Warm Expresso

A leading cause of dry and damaged skin, including wrinkles and breakouts, is the heavy use and constant application of chemical-based make-up. Years of prolonged exposure to these products drains the skin of its moisture and natural vitality.

Mineral-based make-up integrates elements and inorganic pigments that exist in nature. These ingredients are finely milled, purified and treated with additional pigments to create a vast array of colors and effects. These effects range from a matte finish, those effects that offer a slight shimmer to those that bring a lustrous brilliance to the skin. These minerals are used to create every form of cosmetic, including foundation and eye shadow, as well as shimmer powder for the body. However, beyond that, these products promote healthy skin.

“In the past decade, liquid foundations have received harsh reviews – and, in most cases, they are correct,” says Michelle Doan who spearheads Product Development for Emani Minerals. “If you have ever read a traditional liquid foundation’s ingredient list, you would be overwhelmed by polysyllabic chemical terms. A typical woman wears her foundation most of the day (8 -16 hours), which is longer than our night-cream in an effort to rejuvenate the skin when sleeping. Therefore, Emani reversed-engineered the liquid foundation and replaced the ingredients with natural derived materials to enhance the skin’s beautiful, natural luster. We also incorporated active nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin A, and jojoba oil to increase the moisture and health of the skin.”

Emani Minerals is offering a special Expo West Show discount of 10% off all new orders from March 1st, 2010 to March 31, 2010. To place your order, contact Emani’s sales office at (800) 340-4545.

Emani Minerals is a green, organic cosmetics maker established in 1998 with one simple purpose in mind: to provide a line of cosmetics that goes beyond the high standards of the professional make-up industry by incorporating the benefits of mineral based products. Emani’s mission is to create the purest form of cosmetics by incorporating fewer, yet higher-performing ingredients. The company continues to pursue purity and product quality through intensive ingredient research. Emani Minerals distributes its products worldwide and offers a wide range of green, organic cosmetics that are vegan and gluten friendly and are cruelty free (Emani does not conduct animal testing). Additionally, all of Emani’s paper packaging is 100% recycled carton with soy based ink and water based coating making them 100% biodegradable. The company is active in regulatory affairs, helping to maintain Americans’ rights to free access to natural products of all kinds. Emani Minerals manufactures its products in concert with reliable quality laboratories. With access to vital, leading-edge research, Emani Minerals, is committed to meeting the needs of its customers by providing quality products and unsurpassed service at great prices.

For more information, contact Michelle Doan toll free at (800) 340-4545 or access the Emani Minerals website at www.emani.com. To place an order, contact Emani’s sales office at (800) 340-4545. View the growing Emani video library on www.YouTube.com.

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