Embria's Selenium Yeast, eXselen(TM), Hits Ingredient Market

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA, September 14, 2005 - Embria (TM) Health Sciences announced today the launch of eXselen (TM), an organic selenium yeast ingredient manufactured to provide maximum bioavailability. Headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Embria manufactures natural ingredients for use in high-quality, human nutritional products.

Embria's eXselen is pure, all-natural and fully pasteurized. The yeast inoculum used in the manufacturing of eXselen produces high levels of selenomethionine, an organic form of selenium that rapidly metabolizes within the body to yield high bioavailability and retention. Additionally, beneficial B vitamins and glucans are found in the yeast used in the manufacturing of eXselen.

"eXselen was developed by a team of biotechnology scientists best-known for their research on yeast growth and fermentation systems," states Embria Health Sciences president, Paul Faganel. "The science behind eXselen brings a new level of credibility and performance to the selenium supplementation marketplace."

The U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance for selenium is 55 micrograms per day.
Selenium supplementation elevates selenium content in muscle tissue, liver tissue and blood serum, which allows the human body full opportunity to receive all potential benefits associated with the mineral. In addition to being an antioxidant that can protect cells from damage from free radicals, selenium has been found necessary for several important biological processes, including immune response and thyroid function. In 2003, the Food Drug Administration (FDA) released limited and inconclusive evidence that connects selenium with the possible risk-reduction of certain cancers, such as lung, colorectal, prostate and skin.

Embria Health Sciences, www.embriahealth.com, combines science and nature to bring high-quality, research-based natural ingredients to the global human nutrition market. Embria's key products are manufactured using a proprietary technology, which produces vital metabolites that deliver nutritional benefits and support increased bioavailability. This premier technology is based on a similar process pioneered by Embria's parent company, Diamond V
(R) Mills, Inc., a leader in animal nutrition ingredients and fermented yeast products since 1943, that has set the standard in the animal nutrition industry for more than 60 years.

For more information on eXselen visit www.embriahealth.com or contact Amanda Holty at 801.538.0777 ext. 106, [email protected].

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