Emerson Ecologics Unrolls Quality Certification Program

Emerson Ecologics, LLC announces the debut of the first group of manufacturers to be awarded Partner status in the Emerson Quality Program(SM) (EQP). This one-of-a-kind quality assurance program for the nutritional supplements industry provides practitioners with manufacturer-specific quality and safety information to assist in confidently recommending the best products to patients.

After careful and comprehensive evaluation of quality manufacturing practices, voluntarily participating manufacturers that meet or exceed Emerson Ecologics' rigorous quality standards are awarded the distinction of EQP Partner. Verified quality information for each EQP Partner is detailed on the website, www.emersonecologics.com/quality; each manufacturer is also designated throughout the Emerson website with an EQP Partner emblem.

The standards for achieving the EQP Partner designation highlight quality practices consistent with the production of superior quality dietary supplements. The standards for each Partner level include:

EQP Partner: current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) compliance; acceptable third party, Emerson or agency audit; raw material supplier qualification; and raw material testing for identity and purity as evidenced on Certificate of Analysis (CoA) or by third party laboratory.

Silver Partner: EQP Partner standards; use of the most appropriate testing methodologies; potency testing; and a validated risk-based approach to testing adulterants and contaminants.

Gold Partner: EQP Silver Partner standards; testing every batch for identity, potency (label claim), microbiological and other applicable contaminants; a stability program in place; plus demonstrated evidence of research and product development, clinical trial support and sustainable environmental practices.

"Throughout our verification phase of the EQP, I was continually impressed by the dedication to quality exemplified by these EQP Partners," said Lise Alschuler, ND, FABNO and Vice President of Quality and Education at Emerson Ecologics. "These manufacturers understand quality as an integral part of their business and epitomize a commitment to quality manufacturing that goes above and beyond. The Emerson Quality Program recognizes manufacturers that continue to raise our industry's standards and enables practitioners to reliably trust the source of supplements for their patients."

With ongoing concerns continually raised about contaminants, such as heavy metals in multivitamin and nutritional supplements, it is increasingly important for practitioners to be able to reliably and efficiently secure information about the quality practices of manufacturers that negate these concerns. EQP Partners represent some of the best quality practices in the dietary supplement industry. Passing the rigorous verification to attain EQP Partner status attests to the superior quality products produced by these companies. The following brands have been awarded the distinction of:

EQP Partner: Advanced Formula Enzymes, Agape Health Products, Allergy Research Group, BioGenesis Nutraceuticals, DaVinci Laboratories, EcoNugenics, Innate Response, Metabolic Maintenance, Montiff, NESS Enzymes, NewMark, NutraRx, PhysioLogics, Proper Nutrition, Rx Vitamins for Pets, and Vitanica;

EQP Silver Partner: Designs for Health, Ming Tong, Omega Nutrition, Perque, Quincy Bioscience, Tang Long and Wise Woman Herbals;

EQP Gold Partner: Douglas Laboratories, Gaia Herbs, Heel, Immune Health Basics, Integrative Therapeutics, Inc., Nordic Naturals, Protocol for Life Balance, Pure Encapsulations, and Vital Nutrients.

"Although committed to the use of dietary supplements as a part of good medical care," said Donald Levy, M.D. Medical Director of the Osher Clinical Center for Complementary and Integrative Medical Therapies at Brigham and Women's Hospital, "I'm often unable to prescribe a particular brand because it's too time consuming to search for evidence and independent verification of quality markers for every product. Emerson Ecologics has taken on this task with its own quality assurance program that allows me to prescribe with a confidence I have never experienced before. The best medical care requires thoughtful, intelligent physicians, educated patients and access to quality medical facilities and products. The Emerson Quality Program makes a significant contribution to this ideal."

About Emerson Ecologics

Emerson Ecologics, LLC is the leading provider of products and services to the professional integrative healthcare community, distributing over 20,000 products from hundreds of industry leading manufacturers. They serve Naturopathic Doctors, Chiropractic Doctors, Licensed Acupuncturists, Dieticians, Medical Doctors, Nurses, and more. As a result of their broad product offering, e-commerce capabilities, and commitment to the industry's focus on safety and quality, Emerson Ecologics serves as the one-stop source of products, services and educational solutions for the integrative healthcare practitioner. For more information, visit the company's website at http://www.emersonecologics.com/.

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