Endomatrix Launches Asian Subsidiary

SANTA ROSA, Calif., Apr 28, 2004 -- Endomatrix Inc., developer of Provasca(TM) with Actothil(TM), a patented dietary supplement designed to maintain endothelial health as part of an overall cardiovascular health regimen, announced today that it has launched an Asian subsidiary, Endomatrix Asia Pte. LTD. Based in Singapore, Endomatrix Asia gives the company a presence in a region rich with research and development opportunities, and offers direct access to a consumer base that has historically demonstrated openness to non-pharmaceutical health regimens.

"Having a subsidiary in Singapore allows us to operate in a business climate that strongly promotes innovation and opens the door to research and development partnerships with a number of established pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies," said Glenn Foley, CEO of Endomatrix Inc. "We look forward to joining the Singapore business community and working, when possible, to bring effective alternative cardiovascular health regimens to the Asian market."

Scott Foster, vice president and managing director of Endomatrix Asia, will lead Endomatrix's efforts in the region, leveraging his 15 years of experience in the health care industry to promote the company's cardiovascular health regimen within the Asian community and to make Endomatrix Asia a productive member of the Singapore business community.

"The Asian market, with its tradition of non-pharmaceutical health regimens, offers a great opportunity for Endomatrix and our unique approach to maintaining cardiovascular health," said Mr. Foster. "Working with Singapore's Economic Development Board will help us move more quickly to capitalize on that tradition, and will provide us ample opportunity to research and develop new products in conjunction with Singapore's thriving life sciences industry."

Tan Leng Cheo and Partners, a legal and accounting firm based in Singapore, facilitated the incorporation of Endomatrix Asia, introducing the Endomatrix leadership team to the Singapore business community. Those efforts were led by Frankie Tan, a partner in Tan Leng Cheo who also serves as the Asia Pacific representative for the MSI Legal and Accounting Network, an organization promoting international entrepreneurship.

Provasca with Actothil is a proprietary and patented dietary supplement designed to address endothelial dysfunction, which affects arterial walls and cardiovascular health.

About Endomatrix

Endomatrix Inc. has developed a breakthrough platform for the treatment and prevention of endothelial-based disease states, focusing on the root cause of disease rather than the symptoms. Founded in 2000, Endomatrix is focused on delivering its platform to a global audience through both nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products. Endomatrix is based in Santa Rosa, Calif., and has an office in Barcelona, Spain, and a wholly owned subsidiary, Endomatrix Asia Pte. LTD in Singapore.

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