Endomatrix Makes Its Breakthrough Dietary Supplement Available via Provasca.com

SANTA ROSA, Calif., Jun 8, 2004 -- Endomatrix Inc., developer of Provasca(tm) with Actothil(tm), a patented dietary supplement designed to maintain endothelial health as part of an overall cardiovascular health regimen, announced today that it has launched Provasca.com, an e-commerce site that makes Provasca capsules available to consumers around the world.

"Provasca with Actothil is an important development in cardiovascular care, focusing on the health of the arteries themselves rather than controlling the fats and cholesterol in our blood streams," said Glenn Foley, CEO of Endomatrix. "We are thrilled that consumers anywhere in the world now have access to this important breakthrough. At the same time, we look forward to growing our business and finding new delivery vehicles for Actothil."

Actothil, the active ingredient in Provasca, is a natural polymer of green seaweed powder extract and the amino acid L-arginine that helps maintain a healthy arterial wall (vascular endothelium) in an effort to protect against damage and inflammation. It was discovered by Dr. Bruce A. Daniels, board certified in internal medicine and a specialist in the treatment of vascular disorders/diseases who has researched endothelial dysfunction for the past 12 years.

In addition to giving people direct access to Provasca, Provasca.com provides consumers with education on the role endothelial health and vascular inflammation can play in their overall cardiovascular health.

About Endomatrix

Endomatrix Inc., has developed a breakthrough platform for the treatment and prevention of endothelial-based disease states, focusing on the root cause of disease rather than the symptoms. Founded in 2000, Endomatrix is focused on delivering its platform to a global audience through both nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products. Endomatrix is based in Santa Rosa, Calif., and has an office in Barcelona, Spain, and a wholly owned subsidiary, Endomatrix Asia Pte. LTD, in Singapore.

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