Energy drinks: Is the media now an enemy?

Energy drinks: Is the media now an enemy?

Stanford, KY, is 400 miles from Peoria. If it doesn't play in Peoria, can energy drinks' fortunes be shaking to their foundation? This most recent report can not be good news for energy drink players.

Energy drink giants 5-Hour Energy and Monster have been taken to task recently for adverse events associated with consumption of their products. Senators are making hay of it. So far, though, the FDA has apparently declined to put it higher on its priority list. But nothing like the media getting on the bandwagon to turn public perception. Here's another notch in the media gun belt.

In this most recent account, students on a field trip were allowed to purchase energy drinks including Monster and Red Bull. Upon returning to school, four students went to the school nurse, and two were later taken to the hospital by parents.

"Middle-school kids are energized enough they don't need energy drinks," said school principal Debbie Sims. "It made their heart rate go up and that's what the nurse was concerned with."

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