Engredea Preview: OatSweet, natural sweetener from oats, to launch at supply show

Engredea Preview: OatSweet, natural sweetener from oats, to launch at supply show

OatSweet, a new nutritive sweetener made from oats, will be exhibiting for the first time at Engredea, booth 906, in Anaheim, Calif., March 9-11, 2012.

OatSweet is made from wholesome oats using an all-natural process, yielding a clean, subtle flavor profile ideal for a wide range of applications, including nutrition bars, cereals, beverages, desserts, baked goods, and more. OatSweet is the charter product of Oat Tech Inc., and is supported by ten years of research and development in proprietary natural processes for oats-based ingredients.


Functionally similar to brown rice syrup, with comparable binding properties and texture, OatSweet syrup’s flavor profile contributes pleasant but subtle caramel and honey notes with a clean finish. Ideal for products destined for the natural foods market and consumer, OatSweet is all natural, vegan, non-GMO, made from oats grown in North America, and manufactured in the United States. As an exciting new sweetener option that offers manufacturers desirable characteristics at a competitive price, OatSweet is an ingredient that consumers can also understand and enjoy.


“We’re thrilled to be introducing OatSweet syrup to the natural products industry at the Engredea pavilion of Natural Products Expo West,” says Oat Tech President Rick Williams. “This sweetener has a profile of attributes that appeals to the natural products consumer and works beautifully with so many foods. The possibilities for applications are exciting.”


"The OatSweet syrups are excellent sweeteners and binders for use in granola bars, baked bars, and nutritional products, with potential for many other applications. These syrups have a very clean flavor profile and desirable texture attributes, and our clients are excited about potential nutritional advantages as well,” says Jeff Grogg, managing director of JPG Resources, a food industry consulting firm based in Battle Creek, Mich. “Domestic sourcing, non-GMO status, and a strong founding team combine with the ingredient attributes to make this a very attractive and interesting new ingredient for the natural foods industry."


Oat Tech founder and CEO Paul J. Whalen, Ph.D., invented the patented technology for OatSweet. Joining Whalen on the Oat Tech leadership team as president is Rick L. Williams, who has led and developed successful businesses from leading food companies to innovative start-ups, and whose experience includes extensive knowledge of the natural and organic sector. Rebecca R. Williams, Ph.D., a food scientist with expertise in new product and ingredient development in the natural and healthy foods category, leads Oat Tech’s applications work and technical sales support for customers and brokers.


Look for OatSweet at booth 906 at Natural Products Expo West/Engredea in Anaheim, or visit oattech.com.

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