Enlightened Gourmet announces new product line targeting school lunches

The Enlightened Gourmet announced that it has recorded its initial sale of its new Stuffed Pasta product line targeting the kindergarten through 12th grade food service market.

The Enlightened Gourmet (OTCBB: ENLG) announced that it has recorded its initial sale of its new Stuffed Pasta product line targeting the kindergarten through 12th grade food service market. This market, including both government subsidized meals and non-subsidized meals has revenues of about $22 billion per year. This new product line, which has been in development for more than a year, was created in response to the growing need for healthier school lunches to combat childhood obesity. The new product line provides schools with a great tasting entrée that is high in protein, but low in fat, sodium, and calories, as well as being lactose free. The new product line will help schools meet the requirements of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 which President Obama signed into law last week.

 “We are excited to finally have this new product line available to the food service market. It’s been a long time in the making, but we wanted to make certain we were addressing the correct nutritional concerns,” said Company President, Alexander L. Bozzi, III. “Unlike restaurant foodservice and its dependency on discretionary spending, education foodservice remains more protected from negative swings in consumer spending and has grown on average by about 3% in the past few years. Driven by the new regulations in the Federal School Lunch Program, and by First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign, we believe that K-12 foodservice will continue to receive significant attention, and the Company’s new stuffed pasta entrées will provide schools a better and healthier alternative for about the same cost as the meals they are currently serving students.”

The Company’s new stuffed pasta entrées offer a healthier alternative to existing stuffed pasta entrées like raviolis, lasagna and stuffed shells. The entrées meet the Federal Government’s protein requirement making it eligible for the Lunch Program. The entrées also include a natural prebiotic to help aid in the absorption of calcium. According to the National Institutes of Health, 70% of school age children between the age of 9 and 12 do not receive the recommended daily amount of calcium. Lastly, the entrées are also lactose free. According to the Department of Health & Human Resources, almost 50 million Americans are lactose intolerant. Children who are lactose intolerant consume less dairy products as a result of being lactose intolerant; because the Company’s new stuffed pasta entrées are lactose free, children can eat them without becoming sick.

The Company believes that these new products will become very popular with school dieticians who are looking for healthier, cost effective meals to serve in the Nation School Lunch Program. The Company expects to record its first sale of this new product prior to the end of the year.

About The Enlightened Gourmet Inc.

The Enlightened Gourmet Inc. has developed a neutral tasting, low calorie, fat free texture and flavor carrying system. The system is not based upon fat and is extremely low in net carbohydrates. This technology and know how is proprietary to the Company and can be applied to many food categories. The new stuffed pasta entrée product line is an addition to the Company’s existing line of healthy, fat free, ice cream. The Company is presently seeking licensing partners which will allow it to expand rapidly into the food industry.

The Enlightened Gourmet, Inc. is a fully reporting company whose stock trades on the OTCBB under the symbol “ENLG.” For further information contact Alexander L. Bozzi, III, the Company’s President, at 203-823-8865.

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