Enoble Media Group Launches CARBLITE Magazine - Low Carb Lifestyle Resource

PARAMUS, N.J., Oct 6, 2004 (BUSINESS WIRE) --
-- CARBLITE Offers Authoritative Insight and Guidance as the
Ultimate Low Carb Lifestyle Magazine

-- CARBLITE Will Initially Ship 275,000 Magazines to the Consumer
Marketplace with its October/November Issue ... Due to Hit
Retail Outlets September 28

More than 26 million Americans are on a hard-core low carbohydrate diet and another 70 million limit their carb intake without formally dieting (Time Magazine). The low carb trend has translated into an economic force with sales of food and beverages translating into a $30 billion market in 2004 with over 586 products entering the market in the first quarter of 2004. And proving that low carb isn't just a fad, three out of every five low carb dieters plan to limit their carb intake for life. Responding to this growing trend, Enoble Media Group launches the most comprehensive magazine targeting the low carb consumer with it entry into the health market - CARBLITE, it was announced by Andrew Eisenberg, General Manager.

CARBLITE, which launched this month with its October/November 2004 issue, is the go-to resource for readers who have adopted a low-carb lifestyle. With its authoritative yet accessible departments and features, Carblite covers topics ranging from food and cooking to fitness and health to support and inspire. Readers will enjoy the magazine's energizing and entertaining tone, and benefit from the wealth of information contained in its pages.

In each issue of CARBLITE, readers are enticed with recipes accompanied by exquisite food photography. Experts in the fields of health, nutrition and fitness answer reader's questions. From award winning chefs to low-carb entrepreneurs, CARBLITE profiles those who are in the forefront of the movement toward a low-carb lifestyle. And, readers will always find information about the newest low-carb products, books and other resources to help them achieve their health and fitness goals.

Each Issue of CARBLITE will feature:

-- Themed feature articles including holiday entertaining and
special products and recipes by renowned chefs

-- All the latest news on low carb products

-- Dozens of low carb recipes, meal suggestions and cooking tips

-- The most up to date information on low carb health, nutrition
and dietary research

-- Dining out and resort destination guides

-- Fitness tips to help drop pounds and tighten up

-- Advice from experts in medicine, nutrition, fitness and

Enoble Media Group

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