Enzymatic Therapy Launches First One-Per-Day Cranberry Soft Chew

Kearny, NJ, August 14, 2007 – Enzymatic Therapy has announced the launch of its ActiFruit™ line with Cran-Max Cranberry Supplements, including the first one-per-day soft chew, as well as 30-count capsules. The national launch includes health food stores, independent pharmacies, food, drug, and mass merchandisers.

According to the company, one ActiFruit soft chew equals the antioxidant power of seven glasses of cranberry juice cocktail. The supplement supports bladder and urinary tract health and fights free radicals with beneficial antioxidants.

“ActiFruit with Cran-Max delivers the ultra-concentrated power of cranberries in an easy, one-per-day dose,” said Matt Schueller, senior vice president of Marketing for Enzymatic Therapy. “The ActiFruit chews are a break-through product. It’s rare to find a supplement that’s really effective, but tastes like a delicious fruit treat.”

The results of a recent clinical study performed at A. Fournier Institute in Paris and published in the January 2007 edition of The Gynaecologist’s and Obstetrician’s Journal show that patented Cran-Max is nearly twice as effective as a cranberry extract capsule containing 36 mg of PAC.

An additional study, published in the Canadian Journal of Urology, in June 2002, showed that Cran-Max is more effective and less costly than cranberry juice in providing long-term support of urinary tract and bladder health.

Cran-Max is made from the whole cranberry, making it powerful enough to provide relief with just one capsule per day. It is the only cranberry supplement made using the patented Bio-Shield® technology that protects the cranberry from destruction by gastric acid, so that it can be delivered to the gastrointestinal tract for maximum effect.

Cran-Max is currently the first supplement being used as the basis for a continuing education program for pharmacists and technicians.

“Cran-Max is the only cranberry supplement supported by two published studies and is the first one-per-day supplement on the market,” said Dean Mosca, president of Proprietary Nutritionals, the company that markets Cran-Max. “We’re pleased that these latest study results have shown the potency and unique ability of Cran-Max to provide long-term support of urinary tract and bladder health”

For more information on ActiFruit with Cran-Max, please contact Enzymatic Therapy at (800) 225-9245 or log on to www.enzy.com.

Proprietary Nutritionals, Inc., subsidiary of Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc., Kearny, NJ, markets Cran-Max, and other science-based proprietary brands. For further information, visit www.cranmax.com, or call 519/647-2071.

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