Enzymatic Therapy Launches Vegetarian Capsules

GREEN BAY, Wis., Jan 14, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Enzymatic Therapy, an innovative manufacturer and distributor of nutritional supplements and natural medicines, today announced the rollout of new vegetarian UltraCaps(TM). These vegetable-based capsules are being introduced in response to growing public concerns over BSE (mad cow disease) and increased demand for vegetarian capsules.

All vegetable UltraCaps dissolve up to 7 times faster than any other vegetarian capsules on the market. This is a breakthrough for the vitamin industry, because typical "veggie" capsules are notoriously brittle and can disintegrate slowly, causing a delay in nutrient release. UltraCaps are natural, clear and dissolve quickly to distribute nutrients and benefits into the system.

Enzymatic Therapy seized the opportunity to be first to the US market with this all-vegetable UltraCaps technology. Widely used in Japan for 20 years, this proprietary technology uses no animal byproducts, colors or titanium dioxide.

UltraCaps meet the vegetarian demands of a broad range of cultural, natural lifestyle and religious groups. Enzymatic Therapy products are available natural food retailers nationwide.

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