Enzymes, Inc. Launches New Website

The online home of Enzymes, Inc, has a brand new look and feel. Easy navigation, general enzyme information, and a state of the art shopping cart are just a few of the new features of www.enzymesinc.com.

Enzymes, Inc. essentially has three websites – www.enzymesinc.com, the corporate website, www.enzymeexperts.com, a news and information site, and www.buyenzymes.com the online shopping cart. Each site provides a separate function in representing the Enzymes, Inc. commitment to experience, education, and ethics.

“We’ve designed our websites not only to sell our products, but to provide general information about enzyme supplementation,” says Scott Mountjoy, Enzymes, Inc. web designer. “As enzyme supplementation becomes more mainstream, we want to use our expertise to help consumer education.”

Enzymeexperts.com originally began as an e-newsletter distributed exclusively to customers. Now computers connect from around the world and the users are able to browse extensive content related to enzyme supplementation.

At www.buyenzymes.com, health care professionals and health conscious consumers are able to peruse products available from Enzymes, Inc. Each product listing features ingredients, with glossary links, and measurements of each level of activity, as well as pricing and special sale information.

Enzymesinc.com is the newest addition to the online presence. It provides company and product information, as well as informational content related to enzyme supplementation, and links to the other two sites.

“Our improved web presence is a great for the company,” says sales rep. Michele Jordan, “it’s a fantastic reference for customers, and anyone wanting to learn more about enzyme supplementation.”

Enzymes, Inc. has been formulating, marketing and distributing enzyme based nutritional supplements since 1985. For more information visit www.enzymesinc.com and call 800.637.7893.


Andrew Turner
816.746.6461 – ext. 317

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