Enzymotec and Alsiano Sign Marketing Agreement

As part of expanding its activities in Europe, the Israeli lipids based biofunctional ingredients producer Enzymotec has entered a business collaboration with Alsiano, distributor of food, nutraceutical and pharma ingredients to the Nordic countries.

"We expect that the collaboration with Alsiano will enable us to deepen our penetration into the Nordic market where the population is known to well accept innovative ingredients for self-treatment. The collaboration will cover our proprietary phospholipids based line of cognitive solutions under the brand name Sharp, CardiaBeat™ and Krill Oil+", says Ms. Michal Haim-Bravman, Enzymotec's Europe director of sales and marketing.

Recently, it was announced that Enzymotec together with the Scandinvian Oil and fats company, AAK, established a joint venture, Advanced Lipids, for the development and marketing of the InFat™ products, which enable an optimal Calcium absorption and a reduced constipation for infants.

Alsiano Pharma supplies a wide range of excipients and raw materials to the pharmaceutical, healthcare and fermentation industries in the Nordic countries. The range comprises among other products actives, binders, vitamins, minerals, plant extracts and amino acids – from single products to turn-key concepts. Founded in 1957, Alsiano has more than 50 years of experience, and besides Pharma, the company also provides ingredient solutions to the Nordic food industry as well as a range of other industries.

The partnership with Alsiano will be formally launched at the coming customer seminar next month in Copenhagen, where Enzymotec’s phosphlipids line of products will be presented.

Enzymotec is a developer and manufacturer of innovative, lipid-based biofunctional ingredients for dietary supplements, functional foods, clinical nutrition and advanced infant nutrition. Key products are: SharpPS™ line of products- phosphatidylserine based ingredients for cognitive improvement, InFat™ - structured fat for infant formulas, Krill Oil+™ and CardiaBeat™.

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