Enzymotec Announces Development of New DHA-based Supplement

Enzymotec announces today that its scientists were able to develop a new DHA-delivery system, capable of improving DHA bio-availability.

"We were able to produce a DHA-rich phospholipid conjugate, which mimics the natural form of DHA found in important body tissues such as the brain or the liver and is capable of ensuring of a better delivery of DHA", sais Dr. Tzafra Cohen, head of the company's technology department. "DHA becomes more and more recognized as an effective supplement for the prevention of some of the risk factors associated with CVD and also for cognitive improvement or maintenance. One of today's challenges is to deliver DHA cost effectively and improve its efficacy, while overcoming taste and stability limitations, which are currently associated with DHA. We believe we have been able to bring to the market a fresh approach, which makes use of phospholipids as DHA carriers that ensure the effective targeting of DHA and subsequently improving its efficacy and known health benefits." concludes, Dr. Cohen.

Earlier this year Enzymotec has concluded an animal and human study on a proprietary structured derivative of the DHA-phospholipid system, exhibiting better DHA availability over fish DHA or mixtures of DHA and phospholipids and consequently a superior biological effect.

Enzymotec, the advanced lipid nutrition company, is the developer and producer of CardiaBeat™, targeted at CVD prevention, SharpPS™ for cognitive enhancement, and InFat™ for better Calcium and energy absorption as well as easy digestion for infants.

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