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Enzymotec Announces Introduction of a New Ingredient – AlphaGPC

L-α-glycerophosphrylcholine (also known as alpha-GPC or choline alphoscerate), has been used for some time as a dietary supplement targeted at improving mental performance. It serves as a precursor for reconstituting nerve cell membrane component. Clinical trials over the past two decades have demonstrated that providing choline as GPC to patients with adult-onset dementia disorders favour memory and attention. The clinical efficacy of GPC (1,000-1,200 mg/d) has been associated in these studies with protection against cognitive impairment characteristics of dementia disorders.

The new launch of GPC is a part of Enzymotec's overall strategy to offer a full line of cognitive-targeted products. The company recently launched the SharpPS gold™ grade, which provides a PS-DHA conjugate.

Enzymotec is an Israeli biotech company, who is developing and manufacturing bio-functional ingredients for the dietary supplements, functional foods and infant formula markets.

Its key product categories are: SharpPS™ - phosphatidylserine for brain improvement, InFat™ - structured fat for infant formulas, which mimics mother's milk capacity to increase Calcium and energy intake and CardiaBeat™.

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