Enzymotec Announces of a New Solution for Cognitive Development

Enzymotec had recently developed a natural DHA-delivery system capable of significant improvement of DHA availability to the brain, which is especially important to those at a young age.

"This vehicle, originating from natural sources, exists in our body as well as in our everyday foods. Interestingly, its metabolic fate favors DHA uptake by the brain", says Dr. Dori Pelled, director of clinical studies at Enzymotec.

Several factors took part in creating this business segment: i) DHA is an essential fatty acid for the growth and functional development of the infant brain and is also required for the maintenance of normal brain function in adults. ii) Consumption of DHA in infant formulas was shown to facilitate favorable mental development and visual acuity. iii) A growing body of evidence associates insufficient DHA consumption with increased risk for impaired cognitive performance and even psychiatric disorders.

Recent figures estimate US retail Kids' supplements sales with an annual turnover of over 100 M$/Y. Other surveys revealed that more than 30% of the US children are consuming a vitamin and mineral enriched diet. This suggests a high level of public awareness for the importance of balanced nutrition at an early age.

Enzymotec is an Israeli biotech company, who is developing and manufacturing bio-functional ingredients for the dietary supplements, functional foods and infant formula markets. Its key product categories are: SharpPS - phosphatidylserine for brain improvement, InFat - structured fat for infant formulas, which mimics mother's milk capacity to increase Calcium and energy intake and CardiaBeat - for reducing several CVD-risk factors simultaneously

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