Enzymotec branches out to the US

Enzymotec is pleased to announce the opening of a subsidiary in the US. The new company will manage ongoing sales and enable better service to its accounts.

The company, located in the US, shall be managed by Mr. Elzaphan Hotam, previously Enzymotec's VP of business development.

"This is a significant move for Enzymotec" Says Mr. Hotam. "Beyond better service and faster response. we believe it would also enable us to expand our services to other markets as-well as to serve as a local base for additional business activities" Concludes Mr. Hotam"

Enzymotec is an Israeli biotech company, that develops and produces novel ,lipid-based health ingredients for dietary supplements and functional foods.

The company's leading products are:, SharpPSTM and SharpPSTM GOLD for cognitive performance improvement of seniors , CardiaBeatTM offering a broad health effect to reduce CVD risks and InFatTM for balanced nutrition in infant formula.

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