Enzymotec Gains GRAS in the US For CardiaBeat

CardiaBeat (TM), an advanced sterol-based ingredient, has recently gained a GRAS affirmation by an expert panel, allowing its use in a wide variety of food applications.

"We have now successfully concluded, with the assistance of CANTOX, the rigorous process which allowes the distribution of CardiaBeat (TM) in the US.", says company spokesman.

CardiaBeat (TM) by Enzymotec is an exclusive, patent-protected ingredient, capable of replacing the fat fraction within a wide range of food applications such as: yogurts, spreads or bars. "It is targeted at addressing several additional CVD risk factors, which standard plant sterols do not" says Dr. Ariel Katz, Enzymotec's CEO. "In the last 3 years we have performed 7 clinical trials in both animals and humans to establish its unique health benefits and advantages over conventional approaches".

Thus, products containing CardiaBeat (TM) could claim for cholesterol or CVD risk reduction, based on phytosterol-content, while unique positioning and brand expansion could also be based on its capacity to simultaneously reduce additional CVD risk factors. We have successfully implemented CardiaBeat (TM) in several food applications and are confident that it will soon find its way to American shelf-products. Our strategy is to continue and support its growth through expanding its health benefits", concludes Dr. Katz.

Enzymotec's advanced active ingredients' portfolio is aimed to deliver advanced nutritional solutions within the areas of cognition, CVD and infant development. Leading product categories include: CardiaBeat, SharpPS – High quality phosphatidylserine brain booster for supplements and foods and InFat - a specialty fat, mimicking mother's milk fat structure and function to increase Calcium and energy absorbance.

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