Enzymotec to supply krill oil in India

Enzymotec to supply krill oil in India

Enzymotec Ltd has signed a long term contract to supply its Krill Oil to one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in India, Lupin Limited.

Enzymotec Ltd, a leading Krill Oil supplier, has signed a long term contract to supply its Krill Oil to one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in India, Lupin Limited. The Krill Oil +™ product will be launched later on this year in the Indian market.

"Both companies strongly believe that the Indian market holds a huge potential for Krill oil and the issues of quality, freshness and efficacy would play a front role in its establishment," says Mr. Boaz Noy, Enzymotec's Senior VP. “The deal is part of Enzymotec strategic penetration to the Asian markets. This launch will be followed by many more" says Mr. Gil Kristovsky, Enzymotec's Business Unit Manager

About Enzymotec Ltd.

Enzymotec is a dynamic biotech company and a leading global developer, producer and supplier of lipid-based products and solutions. Enzymotec develops, manufactures and markets innovative BioActive ingredients and finished products based on sophisticated proprietary technologies. Enzymotec's products support general health, from cardiovascular to cognitive functions, in the largest therapeutic markets and deliver innovative solutions in three business segments:

1.    VAYA Pharma—a research-based, specialty pharmaceutical division, dedicated to the discovery, development, manufacture and marketing of innovative, clinically tested, effective and safe lipids based medicines.

2.    Infant Nutrition -Providing lipid compositions that mimic the fat in human milk for the wellbeing of infants

3.    BioActive Ingredients—Providing premium innovative bioactive ingredients tailored to suit unique needs of pharmaceutical and nutrition industries.


About Lupin Limited

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Lupin Limited is an innovation led transnational pharmaceutical company producing a wide range of quality, affordable generic and branded formulations and APIs for the developed and developing markets of the world. The Company today has significant presence in Cardiovasculars (prils and statins), Diabetology, Asthma, Pediatrics, CNS, GI, Anti-Infective and NSAIDs not to mention global leadership positions in the Anti-TB and Cephalosporin. The Company’s R&D endeavors have resulted in significant progress in its NCE program. The Company’s foray into Advanced Drug Delivery Systems has resulted in the development of platform technologies that are being used to develop value-added generic pharmaceuticals.

Today, Lupin has emerged as the 5th largest and the fastest growing Top 5 company in the U.S (by prescriptions), the only Asian company to achieve that distinction. The company is also the fastest growing, top 5 pharmaceutical players in India (ORG IMS) and the fastest growing, top 10 Generic players in Japan and South Africa. (IMS)

For the financial year ended March 2010, Lupin's Consolidated Sales and Profit after Tax were Rs.47,678 million and Rs. 6,816 million respectively.

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