Enzymotec Targets the Russian Health Market

As part of its on going expansion in East Europe, Enzymotec has nominated the Russian company, Protein Plus, to promote its innovative active ingredients in Russia.

“ The Russian vitamins and dietary supplements market has demonstrated significant growth during the last years and sales of the OTC is estimated to exceed US$ 1 Billion , therefore, Enzymotec sees great opportunity by offering its innovative line of cognitive and CVD solutions" says Ms. Michal Haim-Bravman, Enzymotec’s marketing manager.

"The first line of products we are going to launch is for the brain health market. We believe that our high quality together with our ability to support our clients with new science, innovative products and technical support, would create a significant edge in the market.” adds Ms. Haim-Bravman.

“By promoting Enzymotec line of products, we offer the Russian dietary supplements market the potential to concentrate on innovation by adding value through state of the art technology, IP status and science,” says Mr. Andrew Gudz, sales and marketing director at Protein Plus.

“Nowadays numerous natural active ingredients are considered to be the essential elements in health maintenance. We are sure, that high scientific potential and mutual efforts of Enzymotec and Protein Plus will make it possible to essentially diversify Russian dietary supplements market by contributing to health mainly in the cognitive and CVD areas” believes Mr. Valeriy Krasilnikov, Ph D, Professor of food Technology Dpt. and director-general of Protein Plus (St.Petersburg).

Group of companies Protein Plus was established in 1992 as research and development unit. The company started to work actively on the Russian dietary supplements market from the very 1994. The core activity of Protein Plus is importing, introducing and promoting food and biologically active ingredients.

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