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Enzymotec Targets South-East Asia Functional Oils Market

Following the exciting clinical results of CardiaBeat™ obtained from Professor Peter Jones' human study and complimentary trials on weight management and diabetes, Enzymotec declares its intention to penetrate the functional oils market in South-East Asia and Western Pacific regions.

Nowadays, the South-East Asia and Western Pacific regions suffer from an increasing occurrence of obesity, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. According to the World Health Organization there are more than 82M diabetics in those regions, and the amount is expected to increase to 290M by 2030.
This growth is related to changes in nutrition habits; characterized by decreased consumption of traditional and healthy diet, based on sea food, rice, fruits, vegetables, and by an increased tendency towards western diet.

"Contrary to western health perception, the consumers do not perceive cooking oils as unhealthy. Moreover, cooking oils are an essential part of their diet", explains Mrs. Michal Haim-Bravman, Enzymotec's South East Asia and Western Pacific marketing manager. "Being an integral part of their diet, oil can easily become an ideal delivery platform for healthy ingredients, especially for addressing heart-obesity-diabetes concerns that need daily attention. CardiaBeat(TM) can transform any cooking oil like: palm, soybean or corn into a functional oil that meets the consumer preferences and helps him to maintain a healthy lifestyle without compromising taste or texture" concludes Mrs. Michal Haim-Bravman.

Recent clinical evidence suggests that CardiaBeat(TM), by Enzymotec, showed significantly superior effects on the body's total lipid profile, by lowering the levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and oxidative stress, in comparison to other oils and supplements available on the market. Following these results and in response to health trends, Enzymotec have already started a trial in the fields of obesity and weight management; a second human study in the field of diabetes is expected soon.

Enzymotec is a biotech company, which develops advanced, innovative lipid-based ingredients for the nutraceuticals and functional foods markets.

Mrs. Michal Haim-Bravman
South-East Asia Marketing Manager
Tel: 972-4-6545112
Fax: 972-4-6443799
Email: [email protected]

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