Enzymotec tightens its routine self-inspection program on eco-harvesting of Krill

[October ,2009] Krill harvesting has lately been the subject of some scrutiny over an alleged assumption that Human consumption of Krill oil may harm the natural ecological balance in the Antarctic ocean and harm related and dependent populations such as whales.

"Our GMP policy with regard to Krill Supply is that we control both the quality and the sustainability of our Krill so that we could guarantee that it is harvested under strict regulations and cannot, in any possible manner, directly or indirectly, harm the sensitive ecosystem of the Antarctic Ocean. As part of our ongoing improvement, we have tightened our policy and are now inspecting and verifying that each shipment is harvested within the limits of the zone and dates for which the specific fishing vessels have received fishing licenses from CCALMR," reports Mrs. Neta Scheinman, Director of QA of Enzymotec.

CCAMLR (the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources) is the only international organization that regulates the fishery of the Antarctic Krill (Euphausia superba). Through its scientific committee, independent surveys, an efficient net of scientific observers and frequent reports of harvested masses from its members' fishing boats, CCAMLR is gaining and processing masses of up-to-date information. Their guidelines are strictly controlled and enforced on members and several actions have been taken against fisheries that are involved in fishing activities contrary to CCAMLR conservation measures.

"Enzymotec ensures its customers that it works with sources who harvest under the strict guidelines of this organization " concludes Mrs. Scheinman.

“We welcome Enzymotec’s initiative to be good stewards of the Antarctic ecosystem for human consumption”, said John Schoonbrood, president of Azantis; Enzymotec’s largest krill oil distributor in North America. “Our industry must convey the message to consumers that Krill for direct human consumption in the form of krill oil phospholipids amounts to less than 0.1% of the precautionary catch limit set by CCAMLR. This precautionary limit is 100 times less than what CCAMLR considers a sustainable catch limit. Nonetheless, protecting this rich biomass is not only of paramount importance to the Antarctic wildlife; it is also vital for heart, brain and joint health of millions today. We must use this natural resource wisely, so that there will be endless abundance for all of us, and for generations to come.”

Enzymotec is a developer and manufacturer of innovative, lipid-based biofunctional solutions for orthomolecular medicine, dietary supplements and advanced infant nutrition. Key products are: SharpPS® line of products- phosphatidylserine based ingredients for cognitive improvement, InFat® - structured fat for infant formulas, CardiaBeat® offering a broad health effect to reduce CVD risks and Krill Oil™.

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