Enzymotec Will Present the Results from CardiaBeat Clinical Study at the FASEB Conference in San Diego

In the coming FASEB conference, Dr. Isabelle Demonty will present new findings from a year and a half long study, conducted by Prof. Peter Jones and his team at the McGill University, Canada. Dr. Demonty, who led the McGill trial, will present impressive findings that undoubtedly support the beneficial hypolipidemic effects of CardiaBeat™, during a session entitled "Dietary Bioactive Compounds: Modulation of Physiological Processes II". The lecture will take place on April 4th at 9:15 AM, at the Convention Center 8 session # 566, in San Diego.

“Other oils and supplements available on the market that address cardiovascular associated complications, like fish oil (omega-3) or phytosterols, fail to provide a comprehensive solution. These new findings make CardiaBeat™, a potential breakthrough ingredient in the supplemental nutrition market,” says Dr. Dori Pelled, Director of Clinical Research at Enzymotec. “Moreover, in some cases these oils and supplements have a negative effect on several CVD-related parameters such as the balance between the HDL ("good” cholesterol) and the LDL ("bad" cholesterol). We have shown that CardiaBeat™ has an overall powerful positive effect on conventional biomarkers such as: LDL and total cholesterol.”

“However,” Pelled continues, "unlike the existing solutions, it can also significantly improve the oxidative stress and most importantly the LDL/HDL ratio. We are excited that this unique benefit of our CardiaBeat™ ingredient is achieved by using a novel delivery platform of DHA and sterols", concludes Dr. Pelled.
CardiaBeat™, with its proprietary combination of natural active lipids, can also serve as a platform for other essential nutrients important for diabetes or CVD management. It can be applied in a variety of formulations and applications including dietary supplements, nutrition bars, and a variety of functional foods and beverages.
Enzymotec is a biotech company, which develops advanced, innovative lipid-based ingredients for the nutraceuticals and functional foods markets.

Contact Person:
Ms. Ayala Berenson, Enzymotec Ltd.
E-mail: [email protected]
Fax: +972-4-6443799

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