Enzymotec wins Frost & Sullivan Award for its phosphatidylserine

Enzymotec wins Frost & Sullivan Award for its phosphatidylserine

Lipid supplier Enzymotec Ltd. has been honored with the  2011 Global Phosphatidylserine Customer Value Enhancement Award from analyst firm Frost & Sullivan.

Enzymotec Ltd. the leading supplier of advanced lipid-based solutions for heart and brain announced that it has been honored with the prestigious “2011 Global Phosphatidylserine Customer Value Enhancement Award”, from analyst firm Frost & Sullivan. The Award is presented each year by Frost & Sullivan to the company that has demonstrated excellence in implementing strategies that proactively create value for its customers.

 “We are pleased to be presented with this award, which puts forward the unique value we provide our customers with. Namely, our innovative and proactive approach to customers’ needs and business objectives” says Mr. Boaz Noy, Head of BioActive Ingredients division.

Poshpatidylserine (PS) is a natural nutrient found in the cell membrane and particularly abundant in the brain. It has been extensively researched and shown to be beneficial for cognitive functions, such as concentration, focus, learning, and memory, especially with elderly adults.

PS is the only ingredient that has been granted with a qualified health claim by the FDA, related to cognitive dysfunction and dementia in the elderly.

In that category, Enzymotec has been playing a major role both in size and innovation launching for the first time nutrients, such as: Soy-free PS, PS-Omega 3 conjugates and by supporting clinical trials that has shown its effect on early Alzheimer and ADHD.

“Frost & Sullivan's Customer Value Enhancement Award points exactly to the core of Enzymotec’s business strategy. We truly believe that Companies will succeed only if they can ensure best-in-class solutions and the delivery of value-added products and services to its clients. The dietary supplement industry is characterized with highly competitive markets, rapidly evolving technologies and high customer expectations.

Enzymotec’s customer- driven approach, its ability to offer creative solutions and to understand each customer’s unique needs, enables it to meet these challenges” concludes Mr. Noy.

Enzymotec, a dynamic biotech company and a leading global developer, is a manufacturer and supplier of lipid-based products and solutions. Enzymotec develops, produces and markets innovative BioActive ingredients and finished products based on sophisticated proprietary technologies. Enzymotec's products support general health, from cardiovascular to cognitive functions.


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