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EPAX fish oils featured in long-term studies

Norwegian fish oil supplier EPAX AS announced recently that its 1050 TG formula, which is weighted toward DHA content, is the subject of long-term, large-scale clinical trials on metabolic syndrome and associated conditions. BIOCLAIMS, a scientific program that supports European university researchers and is funded by the Seventh EU (European Union) Framework Programme, will oversee a series of studies conducted through 2013 to determine what role marine-derived DHA plays on health factors such as belly obesity, elevated blood pressure and triglyceride levels as well as prevalence of insulin resistance (a precursor to type II diabetes).

The first study in the program is underway at the University of Poland in Krakow under the direction of professor Aldona Dembinska-Kiec. The study features a large sample size of 300 patients to analyze several metabolic syndrome health markers.

"Initial studies examining DHA's effect on metabolic syndrome have yielded promising results. We are encouraged that further inquiry will provide additional support for an increasingly taxing health condition, and we look forward to the program's study results as they become available over the coming years, " said Bjorn Refsum, CEO of EPAX AS.

EPAX was recently acquired by Trygg Pharma, a joint venture of Aker Biomarine and a private equity firm. EPAX supplies an extensive line of fish oils with specific DHA/EPA ratios to address a variety of health conditions. The company also features a strong sustainability track record; it was recently given a Friends of the Sea certification for its fisheries off the coast of Peru.