EPAX Ingredient Study to be Featured at Conference

Omega-3 fatty acids can recapture the genetic control of a metabolic disorder in overweight people leading a sedentary lifestyle, says Jan Kopecky, M.D., Ph.D., of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic. The topic will be presented on May 31 at 10:30 a.m. at the International Society of the Studies of Fatty Acids and Lipids (ISSFAL) Conference in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Dr. Kopecky and her collaborators will present study findings that showed EPAX's 1050 TG, a marine-derived fish oil concentrate high in docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), restored efficient fat burning, thereby reducing insulin sensitivity in a subset of patients.

"The findings of this study show the potential for DHA to have a real impact on the treatment of metabolic syndrome," said Morten Bryhn, M.D. and scientific advisor to EPAX. "This condition affects a vast number of people and its prevalence is increased with age. We are pleased that the findings may inspire those suffering from, or are at risk of, metabolic syndrome with another option to address it."

EPAX's formula used in the study is just one of the company's extensive, condition-specific offerings that have been used in more than 100 clinical studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

"We are proud that EPAX's know-how and advanced technological processing systems have enabled us to develop omega-3 formulas like EPAX 1050 TG, which has the potential to improve the health and wellbeing of people worldwide," said Gunilla Traberg, head of marketing for EPAX.

EPAX is a silver sponsor of this year's ISSFAL conference, which is the 9th annual for the organization. The theme for the 2010 conference is "Lipids in Metabolic Health & Disease."

For more information on EPAXAS, its products or clinical studies visit www.epax.com or contact Gunilla Traberg at [email protected]

For more information on the ISSFAL conference please visit

EPAX AS offers concentrated marine omega-3 oils in the business-to-business segment under the brand name EPAX®, available in a wide range of top-quality formulas with different EPA/DHA ratios and concentrations focused on specific health conditions, available in TG and EE versions. EPAXAS is headquartered in Aalesund with a global sales office in Lysaker/Oslo, Norway. Its production facility in Aalesund is GMP-approved by the Norwegian Medicines Agency for the manufacturing of API products. The company's operation is certified by Friends of the SEA (FOS) to have a documented sustainable operation – from the fish harvesting in Peru to its finished omega-3 ingredients in Norway. EPAX is vertically integrated and part of the Austevoll Seafood ASA group – a global pelagic fishery specialist with operations in Chile, Norway and Peru (www.auss.no).

For further information on EPAXAS, its products or clinical studies visit http://www.epax.com or contact Gunilla Traberg, head of marketing, at [email protected]

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