EPAX Sister Company Austral Group Wins National Peruvian Award For Responsible Environmental Management

The Peruvian company Austral Group, a sister company of EPAX AS, has won the Fourth National Peruvian Responsible Management contest in the award category of Cleanest, Most Eco-Efficient Production. The recognition is largely a result of the company's Environmental Management System Model, an impact-reducing production method successfully implemented in all its plants.

Created by the Peruvian Ministry of the Environment to promote appropriate environmental management, the award is directed at all private, public and government-owned entities operating in the country. During the awards ceremony, it was noted that Austral Group is the only fishing company in South America that certifies their Integrated Environmental Management System in accordance with the requirements of the International Regulation on Environmental Management ISO 14001:2004. Such certification was initially obtained in 2005 and has been renewed by Austral over the past three years.

"Austral is our main supplier of crude fish oil. Their continued environmental management focus is a cornerstone of EPAX's vertical integration strategy, and this award reflects our shared commitment to sustainable business practices and to the well-being of the communities in which they operate," said Bjorn Refsum, EPAX CEO. "EPAX is pleased to be associated with Austral, as this recognition supports our company's promise of quality control from sea to finished product."

About Austral Group:
The Austral Group and EPAX AS are both subsidiaries of the leading, industrial pelagic fishery group, Austevoll Seafood ASA (AUSS). AUSS' vertical integration system provides EPAX an ongoing, high-quality raw material crude oil supply from its sister company Austral Group. This cooperation enables a seamless supply operation and integrated quality control, guaranteeing the highest quality finished omega-3 ingredients.

About EPAX AS:
EPAX AS offers concentrated marine omega-3 oils in the business-to-business segment under the brand name EPAX®, available in a wide range of top-quality formulas with different EPA/DHA ratios and concentrations focused on specific health conditions, available in TG and EE versions. EPAX AS is headquartered in Aalesund with a global sales office in Lysaker/Oslo, Norway. Its production facility in Aalesund is GMP-approved by the Norwegian Medicines Agency for the manufacturing of API products. EPAX is part of the Austevoll Seafood ASA group – a globally integrated pelagic fishery specialist with operations in Chile, Norway and Peru (www.auss.no). All of EPAX's business efforts reflect the company's core commitment: Purity - Quality - Innovation. These values represent EPAX's commitment to offering products that are safe, pure and of consistent quality. EPAX® specifications limits for environmental pollutants and oxidation by-products are well below those set by global authorities' limits. All EPAX formulas are backed by clinical studies.

For further information on EPAX AS, its products or clinical studies visit www.epax.com or contact marketing manager Gunilla Traberg at [email protected].

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