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Ephedra Industry Backs California’s ‘Common Sense’ Approach to Consumer Protection

Revised Bill Includes Strict Warning Label Provisions, Ban on Sales to Minors

WASHINGTON (September 16, 2002) – As a result of sensible amendments, the Ephedra Education Council has announced it now supports a revised California consumer protection bill on Ephedra dietary supplements, SB 1884. It says the new measure currently reflects a “common sense” approach, including strict warning labels and a prohibition on sales to minors that have long been supported by the industry.

The industry opposed an earlier version of the bill, which would have unreasonably restricted the placement of Ephedra dietary supplement products in California retail outlets. Retail store owners had also opposed this provision.

“The California legislature has had the common sense to take a responsible course of protection, which our industry has advocated for years,” said Wes Siegner, general counsel, Ephedra Education Council. “Sound scientific research supports the labeling requirements included in SB 1884. These measures and the prohibition on sales to minors are also consistent with the industry’s national standards, and with laws in other states supported by the industry. Consumers continue to have access to Ephedra dietary supplements in all states. Consumers should check products to ensure the industry recommended serving limits and warnings are included, and read and follow the label warnings carefully.”

The bill was passed by the legislature at the end of August, and is now awaiting signature by Gov. Gray Davis.

Measures like the California bill are supported by the industry, because they send a strong message that Ephedra products are safe and beneficial, but they must be used properly. And, the industry has also worked to educate parents, trainers and coaches that Ephedra should not be used by anyone under the age 18.

According to the California bill, labels of Ephedra products sold in the state must include not only a warning about proper use, but also the Food and Drug Administration’s MedWatch number for reporting any adverse events. The bill is similar to measures, also supported by the industry, adopted in Ohio, Washington, Hawaii, Nebraska and Michigan.

“Obesity is a national health crisis—it’s the second-leading cause of premature death in the U.S.,” said Siegner. “Concerned Americans have the right to choose weight-loss products—such as those containing Ephedra—supported by sound scientific studies showing them to be safe and effective when used as directed. For more than 15 million Americans, Ephedra dietary supplements offer the potential for better health.”


The Ephedra Education Council (EEC) is supported primarily by members of the Ephedra Committee of the American Herbal Products Association, a recognized leader in promoting the safe and responsible marketing of dietary supplements. The Council provides factual information to the media and public about dietary supplements containing Ephedra. For more information, logon to

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