EPI, makers of Moducare®, Launch New Cholesterol and Prostate Support Products

Acton, Ontario: It is with great pride that Purity Life Health Products announces the launch of two new phytosterol products to the award-winning and best-selling Moducare® brand, from EPI (Essential Phytosterolins Inc). Arriving in retail stores in early 2004 are ModuChol™ for the maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels, and ModuProst™ for prostate health. Each of these new formulas utilizes a different proprietary blend of phytosterols, ensuring ModuChol™ and ModuProst™ are clinically-proven condition-specific, as well as safe and effective.

David Chapman, owner and President of Purity Life, is convinced that by adding condition-specific formulas to the Moducare® brand, it will expand their customer base to include more men, and also introduce the benefits of phytosterols to people who might not consider them otherwise. He says, "With the launch of Moducare® five years ago, EPI was the first to introduce the health benefits of phytosterols to the natural health industry. As the clear leader in this field, it is only natural that the line would continue to grow with such innovative phytosterol formulas as ModuChol™ and ModuProst™."

ModuChol™ is a proprietary mix of phytosterol esters, a highly effective plant sterol compound that can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Published research over the last 50 years has consistently demonstrated the importance of phytosterol esters in helping to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Based on this research, in 2000, the US FDA stated, "foods containing at least 0.65 grams per serving of plant sterol esters, eaten twice daily with meals, for a daily total intake of at least 1.3 grams, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease." The daily dose of ModuChol™ is 1.3 grams of phytosterol esters. Numerous studies have shown that 1.3 grams of phytosterol esters taken daily can help achieve an overall cholesterol lowering of between 8-15%.

ModuProst™ combines leading nutrients from Europe with some of the most effective North American ingredients to support and maintain prostate health. ModuProst™ contains Harzol®, a proprietary blend of plant sterols and sterolins, with saw palmetto, stinging nettles, lycopene and green tea. Harzol® was created in Germany 30 years ago and has been one of the leading products recommended by urologists. For prostate health, the blend of Harzol® and herbal ingredients in ModuProst™ helps promote normal urinary patterns and prevent frequent urination at night.

ModuChol™ Product Description:
- Size: 60 liquid capsules, each with 650 mg of phytosterol esters (from vegetable oil)
- Suggested retail prices of $27.99

ModuProst™ Product Description:
- Size: 60 vegetable capsules, each with 112 mg of Harzol® (providing 10 mg sterols, 0.1 mg sterolins), 150 mg of saw palmetto extract, 100 mg nettles extract (1:10), 50 mg of green tea and 0.25 mg of lycopene.
- Suggested retail prices of $21.99

ModuChol™ and ModuProst™ set a new standard of excellence for heart health and prostate health support products. As unique research-based, condition-specific formulas, ModuChol™ and ModuProst™ are sure to become the leaders in their respective fields, just as Moducare® is the leader in daily immune system health. ModuChol™ and ModuProst™ also use premium packaging that is similar and consistent with the dynamic Moducare® cartons. Purity Life will support this exciting launch with consumer and trade magazine advertising, and retailer promotions and activities.

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Purity Life Health Products is Canada's premier natural health product company, carrying thousands of quality products. For more information, please contact 800-265-2615 or www.puritylife.com.

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