ESM's egg ingredients are actives in new NSF-certified sports supps

ESM's egg ingredients are actives in new NSF-certified sports supps

Core Health Products launched two new dietary supplement sports nutrition products featuring branded ingredients from ESM Technologies.

ESM Technologies, the leading supplier of innovative, commercialized eggshell and eggshell membrane wellness ingredients, is excited to announce that it has partnered with Core Health Products in the Sports and Fitness supplement market.  Core Health Products has two new dietary supplement products, one featuring NEM (Natural Eggshell Membrane) and the other containing ESC (EggShell Calcium), that have been Certified for Sport by NSF International.ESM

NSF International is an independent public health organization that certifies a wide range of dietary supplements and nutritional products. Core Health Product’s new Joint Health+ Dietary Supplement has just been NSF Certified for Sport®. Joint Health+ combines NEM® with proteolytic enzymes and powerful antioxidants to support muscle and joint health. 

Their Core Health Pack+ product, containing ESC, also has been NSF Certified for Sport. The Core Health Pack+ is a convenient daily pack that supplements essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, and probiotics needed to maintain optimal health and wellness.Joint health

NSF International created the NSF Certified for Sport Program<> to meet the growing demands of athletes, coaches and all those concerned about banned substances in sports supplements.  Those looking to purchase products that are NSF Certified for Sport® can trust that these products have met NSF’s stringent guidelines and are certified to be completely free of banned substances. These products appear on NSF’s website  and feature the NSF Certified for Sport® logo on the product label. Core Health has made it a goal to create dietary supplements worthy of this elite sports certification.

Chris Haynes, Director of Sales for ESM Technologies (an NSF GMP certified facility) comments on Core Health’s products: "Core Health's Joint Health+ with NEM® and their Core Health Pack+ with ESC, both tested and certified by NSF International, is a true step in the right direction, especially for those Olympians, Professional sports athletes and any athlete concerned about testing rules and unknown substances. Shan Stratton has been a globally recognized trainer with many professional teams over the last decade. We, at ESM Technologies, are very pleased that Shan has been able to develop his own products based on his ideals and that Shan is as confident in NEM® for his clients as we are." “Core Health Product’s Joint Health+ and Core Health Pack+ received the NSF sports certification after undergoing a rigorous certification process, which includes Good Manufacturing Practice s (GMP) facility audits, label and toxicology review, contaminant testing and banned substance testing for over 160 analytes,” Ed Wyszumiala, General Manager of NSF’s Dietary Supplements Certification program. “This certification also complements ESM Technologies’ NSF GMP certification.” Core health

National Enzyme Company, the manufacturer of Core Health’s Joint Health+ formula is an NSF Sports Certified facility.  Demetrius Bledsoe, Director of Sales and Marketing for NEC says, “National Enzyme Company is very excited to be involved with an ingredient like NEM® that is a ‘game changer’ for this industry. Our facilities are NSF Sports certified and Core Health’s Joint Health+ with NEM® being certified in the same manner, we see a perfect match. I see very positive moves being made by both companies in result to this announcement.”

Clinical studies on NEM® show an improvement in joint comfort and flexibility in just 7-10 days, faster than any other joint health ingredient, with only a 500mg dose per day.  NEM is a safe, natural source of chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid and other glycosaminoglycans with key proteins like collagen essential for healthy joints.  ESC is one of nature’s purest and most absorbable forms of calcium. ESC naturally combines ultra-pure calcium carbonate with inherent transport proteins for maximum absorption and essential trace minerals for increasing bone mineral density. NEM® and ESC are manufactured using a non-chemical, eco-friendly process in an FDA regulated GMP facility.

About ESM Technologies

ESM Technologies, the leading supplier of eggshell calcium and eggshell membrane wellness ingredients, is the recipient of the 2011 North American Dietary Supplements for Joint Health New Product Innovation of the Year Award for their NEM® (Natural Eggshell Membrane).Located in Carthage, Missouri, the company researches, develops and manufactures high-quality branded ingredients from a traceable and sustainable supply of USDA-inspected facilities. ESM, an NSF GMP certified facility, uses a chemical-free, patented process that allows the introduction of innovative and unique ingredients to the marketplace: NEM® (Natural Eggshell Membrane) and ESC® (EggShell Calcium).

For more information on ESM Technologies’ ingredients, please visit

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