E.T. Horn Company Selected by Biothera as Exclusive U.S. Distributor

LA MIRADA, Calif., Aug 30, 2007 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- The E.T. Horn Company, a leading distributor, supplier, marketer, and manufacturer of specialty chemicals and food ingredients, today announced that it has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Biothera to represent its entire line of immune and health ingredients throughout the United States. Under terms of the agreement, E.T. Horn will market and distribute Biothera's proprietary product portfolio through its FoodTech, Nutraceuticals, and Personal Care product groups.

Biothera's brands include WGP 3-6(R), BetaRight(R), and the new IFT-award winning Wellmune WGP(R), which has already received rave reviews. The company's ingredients are currently found in more than 75 products throughout the world.
"The E.T. Horn Company is the premier functional food and dietary supplement ingredient distributor in the U.S.," said Richard G. Mueller, Biothera president and chief executive officer. "With the highly successful launch of our Wellmune brand, we're relying on E.T. Horn to be the conduit in bringing this revolutionary ingredient to the rapidly growing U.S. market."

According to a recent industry report, the functional foods and drinks market is expected to reach U.S.$109 billion by the year 2010. Key factors that support this trend include increased health awareness, an aging population, and growing income levels.

"Biothera has clearly been a recognized leader in the supplements marketplace for many reasons, including the efficacy of its products, its dedication to research, and its strong intellectual property portfolio," stated Kevin Salerno, president of E.T. Horn's Nutraceuticals Group. "Our goal is to broaden our reach in the U.S. market and drive sales of this extraordinary new product known as Wellmune. Remember that name, because I believe it is going to become synonymous with immune health, not only within nutraceuticals, but for functional foods, cosmetics and even animal nutrition."
E.T. Horn CEO Gene Alley summed it up this way: "Our partnership with Biothera continues to flourish due to the unique combination of their ability to invent and refine innovative products and our expertise in providing customer service and solutions to the marketplace."

About The E.T. Horn Company -
The E.T. Horn Company is one of the nation's largest distributors, marketers and manufacturers of raw materials and chemicals for use in coatings, building materials, elastomers, lubrication, nutrition, cosmetics, personal care, and food products. Founded in 1961, the company has focused on providing formulation solutions, superior customer service and technical expertise in distributing products from only the finest manufacturers. For additional information contact the company at 800-442-HORN or visit www.ethorn.com.

About Biothera, the Immune Health Company -
Biothera is a biotechnology company dedicated to improving immune health. The company manufactures and markets food-grade ingredients that support healthy immune function to the functional food, nutritional supplement, cosmetic and animal nutrition markets. Biothera is also developing pharmaceuticals that engage the innate immune system to fight cancer. Other applications include hematopoiesis (production of blood cells) and infectious disease. To learn more, visit www.biotherapharma.com.

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