Europe backs organic food and farming

Demand soaring across the EU, says agriculture commissioner Fischer Boel

The European Commission has launched an EU-wide organic farming campaign under the slogan: "Organic farming. Good for nature, good for you."

The promotional campaign was designed to "inform consumers about the meaning and benefits of organic farming and food production", said the Commission. It would focus on "increasing consumer awareness and recognition of organic products, and especially on young people and children to carry the organic idea into the future."

Mariann Fischer Boel, European commissioner for agriculture and rural development, said demand for organic products across the EU was rising by 5% to 30% a year, depending on the country. The number of companies operating in the EU's organic sector had risen 13.4% in 2005, she added.

This offered "increased business opportunities for all sectors of the food supply chain", she said.

The Commission also unveiled a new multilingual website for organic farming,, offering marketing materials in 22 languages free of charge.

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