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European Court of Justice Sets Date for ANH's Lawsuit Against the EU Food Supplements Ban

The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) and Nutri-Link Ltd announce that their case in the European Court of Justice seeking to overturn the Food Supplements Directive ban on many natural food-form vitamin and mineral supplements has now been listed for hearing on 25 January 2005.

The ANH is seeking to challenge the ban in the EU Food Supplements Directive (FSD) on many advanced, natural high potency food supplements.

From 1 August 2005, the FSD will only allow products containing nutrients which are included on a specific "positive list" to be sold in EU countries, despite the fact that many products containing off-list ingredients were previously being sold without any problems in a number of EU member states prior to the proposed ban.

For many years, countries such as the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden and Ireland have followed a flexible regime whereby food supplements have been regarded as "food" and can be put on the market provided they are safe and correctly labelled. It is left up to the consumer to choose which products are bought.

Without these products consumers will be deprived of access to the most effective supplements of their choice and practitioners will lose many of their most useful sources of key nutrients and many supplier companies will be driven out of business.

On this news, Dr Robert Verkerk, ANH Executive Director, commented:

"We are delighted that an early hearing date has now been set and are hopeful that the European Court in Luxembourg will invalidate the quite unnecessary ban on the wide range of perfectly safe natural, food-derived ingredients which comprise most of the advanced food supplements."
David Hinde, Solicitor, ANH Legal Director, added:

"We are looking forward to the hearing in January 2005 for this landmark case which has far reaching implications for health as well as freedom of choice for consumers across the European Union."
The Alliance for Natural Health and Nutri-link Ltd are being represented by barristers Paul Lasok QC, Michael Patchett-Joyce and Anneli Howard of Monckton Chambers and Jonathan Coad, Solicitor, at the Simkins Partnership.

Further announcements will be made in due course.

For details of the ECJ case (Case C-154/04 "Alliance for Natural Health and Others") go to ANH's website at the following link:

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