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European TV Broadcaster Features Aloecorp, Inc.

More than 150 million Viewers Explore “Miracle Plant from the Desert”

Lacey, WA – October 27, 2006: Aloecorp, the world’s leading vertically integrated grower, manufacturer and supplier of bioactive Aloe vera fine ingredients was featured in a TV film by Thomas Greh broadcast in Europe by ARTE on October 26.

ARTE – which means television without borders - is the major European culture channel and a Franco-German public broadcaster of significant international features and documentaries with numerous European affiliates, including the BBC.

ARTE’s focus on Aloe vera was prompted by producers recognizing that hardly any other plant has become so popular during the past few years. Besides its medicinal properties being legendary, Aloe stands up to the latest scientific research, too: scientists have detected hundreds of different constituents of interest. Aloe vera is added to countless cosmetic, fitness and lifestyle products, functional drinks, yogurts and foods.

The short film features Aloecorp as one of the world’s largest producers of standarized biologically active Aloe vera for the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries. Greh shows the cultivation and processing of aloe while compassionately exploring the personal stories of people who are involved with the plant, including school children in Ecuador and their Swiss priest.

Filming at Aloecorp’s historic Hilltop Gardens in Lyford, Texas and its Mexico farming and processing operations show both the extensive manual labor involved in cultivating Aloe vera as well as the sophisticated processing required for yielding superior quality biologically active Aloe ingredients that consumers can trust to provide health benefits. Consistent with its industry leadership initiatives for quality, Aloecorp’s Fair Trade Practices were put in place to protect the opportunity and working conditions for workers in its Mexico oeprations, even though Aloe vera is not on the list of Fair Trade ingredients currently eligible for labeling certification.

Written and directed by Thomas Greh and co-produced by ARTE and Radio Bremen, Miracle From The Desert film credits include: camera/Svea Andersson; sound/Anke Möller; mix/Rolf Seidelmann; Box cutter/Kirsten Ottersdorf; editorial/Gerhard Widmer and producer/trifilm GmbH.

About Aloecorp, Inc.
Aloecorp ( is the world’s leading vertically integrated fine ingredient Aloe vera grower, manufacturer and supplier with operations in Washington, Texas, Mexico and China. Focused on scientific methodology and procedures which guarantee product quality, purity, potency and biological activity, Aloecorp ingredients are supported by published, peer-reviewed studies. Aloecorp is part of the ECONET global family of health and natural product companies.

Susan Haeger, VP Corporate Communications
(360) 486-8300, ext. 1030

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