EuroPharma Secures North American Rights to Next Generation Fat Blocker: Kinospherine®

Green Bay, WI (July 6, 2005) – EuroPharma president Terry Lemerond today announced that the company has secured the North American rights to Kinospherine®, a highly effective fat blocker. This patented complex of ingredients is clinically shown to help prevent the absorption of dietary fats in the body, which is essential in a weight loss regimen, while maintaining healthy digestion.

“The EuroPharma team is inspired whenever we find a exceptionally effective and distinctive new product,”said EuroPharma founder and president Terry Lemerond. “We are particularly excited about Kinospherine, because of the difference it can make in helping to improve the health of America. We are finding equal enthusiasm among the companies with which we are in discussions to be our marketing partners.”

Kinospherine® blocks 21 grams of fat per day and is three and a half times more effective than chitosan. It has a very high lipid absorption capacity which prevents lipase action by blocking the fatty acids. Kinospherine works for up to 10 hours through time-release microgranules. It is effective the moment it enters the stomach and is activated when it comes into contact with dietary fats, preventing absorption of these fats, which are then eliminated naturally.

The patented complex of ingredients is clinically validated and has demonstrated its effectiveness in moderately overweight subjects. Additional studies are underway.

Over the past several decades, Terry Lemerond has built an extensive network of industry scientists, innovators and experts throughout Europe and Asia, where he has partnered with several phytopharmaceutical and biotech companies to bring effective natural products to the U.S. These resources are the key to EuroPharma’s ability to source innovative new products.

EuroPharma will license this and other products they have discovered to partners that are interested in high quality, scientifically supported ingredients.

Located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, EuroPharma, Inc., is a European-inspired company with a mission to bring truly unique and industry changing products to the U.S. marketplace. EuroPharma is committed to discovering innovative products that have been thoroughly researched and demonstrated to be safe, natural and effective which will help people live healthier and more fulfilling lives. EuroPharma is an extension of its founder, Terry Lemerond’s historic successes and a proven model of product development. For more information, visit

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