Event Review: CHFA Expo East 2002

CHFA Expo East 2002 Annual: Yes Date: September 21-22, 2002 Toronto, Ontario Canada Comparison to previous year: Numbers unconfirmed but traffic equal to or less than previous year.

Number of : Exhibitors ~197 companies in ~390 spaces, including approximately 28 pavilions and 29 mini-booths.

Seminars: 30+

Attendance for: Associated Seminars not known but several we observed had attendance ranging from 20 people to 40 . Health & Fitness Symposium sunday evening not as wlel attended as some expected, possibly due to placement at very conclusion of weekend. Tradeshow: floor traffic slow, Saturday quiet, Sunday appeared a bit busier


Quality of interactions on show floor was mediocre, several exhibitors had hoped for additional attendees. Several key business meetings, both scheduled and impromptu occurred on the show floor. The layout was appropriate for the event, large distributors with rows allocated to their suppliers, several open pavilions, and the show appeared to run smoothly.

Attendee feedback:
Saw whom they expected to see. Unfortunately no surprises and limited new or key products. Several attractive show specials.

Hot, key and new products/services: (Partial List of what we observed )

Genus Health Products Ltd.--catechin rich Green T (Green Tea) tablets. Raw material grown in Shizuoka prefecture of Japan, product is intended to sterilize bacteria in the mouth with an effect on the bio-film. Tablets said to contain higher catechin levels than a tea drink. (www.genushealth.com)

Renew Life--Launching their operation in Canada. Thomas Bedford, formerly of Flora Manufacturing in B.C. to head Canadian operations. (www.renewlife.com)

Lane Labs and several other companies focusing on natural alternatives to HRT including Novogen's Promensil.

Emphasis on flax products including finished products made from both oil and lignan. Examples include Hannon Labs, OCIA certified product.(www.hannonlabs.com)

Overwhelming variety of honeys including manuka (New Zealand product with anti-bacterial properties) from Honey World. (www.honeyworld.ca)

Show Layout:
Well organized, decent flow. No significant changes from previous year.

Show Organization and Management:
All appeared to be in order. Exhibitor feedback indicated show ran smoothly from that perspective.

Improvements suggested and overall comments:

This may be a show that's gone a bit stale and needs to be refreshed and revitalized. Outo f toronto retailers may need more incentive in order to attend in large numbers. Novel presenters may also be appropriate to change things up. reachiong out to non-CHFA members may help spruce things up.

CHFA has indicated their commitment to natural and organic foods and this was evident on the showfloor as several rows were exclusively dedicated to this sector.

Attendee Critical Issues:
Little reason for out of local area retailers to attend unless they had key meetings to participate in. Health & fitness session on sunday evening not ideal.

Decent attendance and interest from a key group as noted earlier. Session presented by Lorna Vanderhaege very informative. Other presenters top notch.

Key Issues:
Is the CHFA Expo serving the entire Canadian Natural Health Products Industry?

How do new ideas and input get integrated into the Canadian industry?

Critical Discussion Points Raised:
How does the industry proactively deal with a changing regulatory climate and keep lively at the same time? This event was quiet and subdued except for the organic caucus which seemed to be very dynamic.

Event Summary and Specifics:
Show floor and many seminars not presenting novel concepts, products and opportunities.

Other notable issues:

Show Management Comments:
Not available.

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