Event Review: Integrated Health Expo 2002

Integrated Health Expo 2002 Annual: Yes (first time event) Date: September 13-15, 2002 Toronto, Ontario Canada Comparison to previous year: Not applicable Number of : Exhibitors 67 exhibitors in ~134 spaces Attendance for: Associated Seminars not known Tradeshow: floor traffic steady, 600 attendees preregistered representing retail and mass, 300 attended Saturday September 14th, Sunday the fifteenth a bit quieter


Quality of interactions on show floor was excellent, most exhbitors had expectations realized and serious buyers. both exhibitors and attendees would participate again. Most exhibitors generated at least one critical lead.

Attendee feedback:
Limited companies to visit, although attendees were pleased too that exhibitors had time for quality interactions. Business was advanced on the tradeshow floor.

Hot and new products/services: (Partial List)

Pangeo--showing both Wampole and Quest sides of their lines and business as they deal with retail/health food as well as Mass and pharmacy. Effervescent products very well received.

Nutrition Club--NO2TM--product based on arginine alpha-ketoglutarate acting as an NO2 pump

Nutri-Passion Foods--excellent and tasty products including non-meat sausage, chili and Bolognese pasta sauce

Show Layout:
Well organized, decent flow.

Show Organization and Management:
Very Good.Adequate staff for the event and needs were responded to by organizers.

Improvements suggested and overall comments:
More notice for exhibitor preparation and budgeting. Attendee incentives?

Attendee Critical Issues:
Too close in date to CHFA Expo East.For those exhibiting at both, with the three to four day gap between the two, booth and product storage and personnel logistics were difficult.

No information available.

Key Issues:
Should a trade show be removed from industry and association politics? This show was and several exhibitors and attendees expressed their support for an environment that focused on business and not on politics.

Critical Discussion Points Raised:
How is the mass channel going to change consumer awareness of vitamins, supplements and natural products? what will this mean for the role of the independent health store?
The individuals I spoke with believed that the store would have to become more of a boutique, building a solid relationship with its immediate neighbours and gradually expanding this base to reach a new audience. Education and special events to attract the community into the store were key. Capitalizing on the mass success in bringing the industry to a larger audience and then embracing this new consumer was also critical. Giving them an industry handle and comfort was also mentioned.

Event Summary and Specifics:
No show guide and exhibitor list that I could find.
Venue appropriate for the event but no buzz or atmosphere generated

Show Management Comments:
Very happy with the attendance but need to improve, getting more next year.

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